Hire a Fresno State Student

As a parent or family member of a Fresno State student, we know you respect and value the academic and co-curricular experience that Fresno State has to offer.  With your knowledge of the Fresno State education, you may want to look for Fresno State students or graduates to work with you.  Feel free to utilize our services to connect with Fresno State students and alumni.

We have two career and employment databases that you can use to post opportunities for Fresno State Students.

Use BulldogLink to post job opportunities and to manage your on-campus recruitment schedule. To schedule an on-campus interview date, call 559.278.2381 and ask for Rita Bocchinfuso-Cohen, Director

You may also meet students through informational sessions and/or at our career fairs. Visit the Employer component of our website to get more information about recruiting at Fresno State or contact Rita Bocchinfuso-Cohen, Director at 559.278.2381 with any questions you might have.