Fresno State Faculty Internship Coordinators

Students may seek unpaid (and in some cases paid), credit worthy internship opportunities by contacting the Fresno State Faculty Internship Coordinator in the department that best fits their needs from the list below. Most departments will grant credit for internships, however, there may be specific requirements students will need to follow.

Students should seek internships prior to the beginning of each semester. California State University, Fresno operates on a three-semester system: spring, summer and fall. Students who seek internship positions 2 to 3 weeks prior to the start of a semester will be assured the best selection of internships.

Fall Semester—positions are usually posted by mid-August
Spring Semester—positions are usually posted at the beginning of January
Summer Semester—positions are usually posted by early May

as of 9/24/13:

Agricultural Economics Annette Levi 559.278.3004
Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education Deborah Russell 559.278.4337
Anthropology John Pryor 559.278.5150
Armenian Studies Barlow Der Mugrdechian 559.278.2669
Art and Design Martin Valencia 559.278.2612
Business Administration Debbie Young 559.278.4985
Chicano and Latin American Studies Carlos Perez 559.278.2848
Child, Family and Consumer Sciences Amber Hammons 559.278.1158
Civil Engineering Jesus Larralde-Muro 559.278.2566
Civil Engineering William Wright 559.278.5591
Communication Courtney Sparrow 559.278.5105
Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies Christie Edmondson 559.278.2443
Computer Science Todd Wilson 559.278.4373
Construction Management Manoochehr Zoghi 559.278.4452
Criminology - Corrections Keith Clement 559.278.1011
Criminology - Law Enforcement Otto Schweizer 559.278.8880
Criminology - Victim Services John Dussich 559.278.6046
Economics Antonio Avalos-Huerta 559.278.8793
Education and Human Development Richard Firpo 559.278.0246
Electrical and Computer Engineering Nell Papavasiliou 559.278.3965
Food Science and Nutrition - Nutrition/Dietetics/FoodService Erika Ireland 559.278.8009
Food Science and Nutrition - Food Science/Food Processing Erin Dormedy 559.278.8321
Food Science and Nutrition - Culinology Klaus Tenbergen 559.278.5068
Geography Stuart McFeeters 559.278.6045
Geomatics Engineering James Crossfield 559.278.4827
Gerontology Helen Miltiades 559.278.7253
Public Health Manal Samaha 559.278.8854
History Malik Simba 559.278.6237
Industrial Technology Matthew Yen 559.278.4201
Linguistics - General Chris Golston 559.278.2136
Linguistics - TESOL Ellen Lipp 559.278.7525
Mass Communication and Journalism Betsy Hays 559.278.6154
Mechanical Engineering Walter Loscutoff 559.278.5593
Philosophy - Ethics Andrew Fiala 559.278.2124
Philosophy - Pre-Law Mariana Anagnostopoulous 559.278.6329
Physical Therapy Peggy Trueblood 559.278.3008
Plant Science Andrew Lawson 559.278.2150
Political Science David Schecter 559.278.6938
Political Science - Public Administration Kurt Cline 559.278.2865
Political Science - Pre-Law Yishaiya Abosch 559.278.8396
Psychology Connie Jones 559.278.5127
Recreation Administration Nancy Nisbett 559.278.7886
Social Work Education Jane Yamaguchi 559.278.7315
Sociology Matthew Jendian 559.278.2891
Theatre Arts Kathleen McKinley 559.278.5266
Viticulture and Enology Cynthia Wood 559.278.7135
Women's Studies Janet Slagter 559.278.7140