Academic Internships

Fresno State operates its academic internships in a decentralized model. Academic credit is set by each department. Some departments require internship/fieldwork/work experience as part of their curriculum, whereas others make it optional. Some departments do not offer credit at all. If a department does not offer credit through an approved internship/fieldwork/work experience course, the student should check with his/her department to inquire about earning credit through independent study.

When should a student seek an unpaid internship?

Students usually seek internships prior to the beginning of each semester. California State University, Fresno operates on a three-semester system: spring, summer and fall. Organizations that post internship positions 2 to 3 weeks prior to the start of a semester will be assured the best pool of potential students.

Fall Semester—post positions by early August
Spring Semester—post positions at the beginning of January
Summer Semester—post positions by early May

How do students seek an unpaid internship?

To explore the courses offered, a student should go to Fresno State Faculty Internship Coordinators; review the list; and contact the appropriate individual on the list. (See list of the internship courses offered at Fresno State below).

What internship courses offer credit for internship?

The following is a list of the internship courses offered at Fresno State:

Agricultural Sciences & Technology:

  • Agricultural Economics 194. Agribusiness Internship
  • Animal Science 94. Agri Internship
  • Animal Science 194. Agricultural Internship
  • Fashion Merchandising 129. Fashion Merchandising Practicum
  • Food Science 193. Supervised Work Experience
  • Food Systems Management 193. Supervised Work Experience
  • Nutrition 193. Supervised Work Experience
  • Industrial Technology 194. Cooperative Education
  • Plant Science 194. Agricultural Internship

Arts & Humanities:

  • Art 198. Internship
  • Graphic Design 198. Internship
  • Interior Design 152. Interior Design Practicum
  • Communication 179. Internship
  • English 186. Internship
  • Linguistics 171. Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Mass Communication and Journalism 191. Internship
  • Foreign Language 170. Community Service
  • Philosophy 198. Applied Ethics Internship
  • Philosophy 199. Fieldwork in Philosophy and Law

Craig School of Business:

  • Accountancy 195. Internship
  • Business Administration 195. Internship
  • Finance 195. Internship
  • Decision Sciences 195. Internship
  • Information Systems 195. Internship
  • Human Resources Management 195. Internship
  • Management 195. Internship
  • Marketing 195. Internship


  • Civil Engineering 193. Internship
  • Construction Management 193. Internship/Work Experience
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering 193. Cooperative Internship
  • Geomatics Engineering 193. Internship
  • Mechanical Engineering 193 Cooperative Internship

Health & Human Services:

  • Communicative Disorders and Deaf Studies 175. Internship in Interpreting
  • Gerontology 185. Internship
  • Health Science 185F. Fieldwork
  • Health Science 188. Health Education Internship
  • Kinesiology 199. Supervised Work Experience
  • Recreation and Leisure Studies 184. Internship in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism
  • Recreation and Leisure Studies 187. Internship in Therapeutic Recreation
  • Social Work 181. Field Instruction
  • Social Work 182. Field Instruction

Science & Mathematics:

  • Computer Science 194. Cooperative Education
  • Psychology 179. Supervised Field Experience

Social Sciences:

  • Africana and American Indian Studies 189. Fieldwork in Community Relations
  • Anthropology 193. Internship
  • Criminology 180. Internship in Law Enforcement
  • Criminology 181. Internship in Corrections
  • Criminology 182. Internship in Victimology
  • Criminology 180H. Honors Internship in Law Enforcement
  • Criminology 181H. Honors Internship in Corrections
  • Criminology 182H. Honors Internship in Victimology
  • Economics 191. Internship in Applied Economics
  • Peace and Conflict Studies 185. Internship
  • Political Science 158. Internship
  • Political Science 187. Internship in Public Administration
  • Social Science 185. Internship
  • Sociology 185. Field Experience
  • Women’s Studies 162. Community Service