How You Can Help Students

We ask that you help Career Development Center make students aware of the importance of career preparation and job search skills. Please announce our events and services as an opportunity for your students to clarify career goals and prepare for life after Fresno State. You can find a list of our workshops and career events by clicking here. For any questions you might have, please call ext. 8-2381 to speak with a counselor.

The following are additional ways in which you can help students with career preparation:

1. Weave information about industries and potential job opportunities into your lectures or individual discussions with students

2. Discuss current events within your discipline during class sessions to show practical application of coursework

3. Offer yourself up for an informational interview about careers in your field or another field in which you are familiar

4. Write letters of recommendation for your students interested in graduate study

5. Provide students with an opportunity to work or research in your department. Click here for guidelines on how to post opportunities.

6. Invite a career counselor to present in one of your class sessions. Click here for information on scheduling a presentation. We are more than willing to come for anywhere from 10 minutes to an entire class session.

7. Encourage your students to attend our career fairs and utilize our services. Many students do not seem to know about the resources available to them. Hearing the message through multiple media can definitely help!

Thank you in advance for your partnership and all you already do to make Fresno State students the economic engine of the Central Valley.


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