Recruiting Policy


Release Authorization
Students or Alumni who register themselves on Career Development Center online systems by uploading an online resume, students are providing Fresno State Career Development Center authorization to release employment materials to prospective employers. Students are expected to accurately represent their qualifications and interests in all information provided to the Career Development Center office for this purpose (resume, cover letter and unofficial transcripts).

The Interview Process
Students participating in On-Campus Recruiting interviews are the representatives of their class and the University for the company with whom they are interviewing. In order to assist you in making a great first impression, please read through and take into consideration the following guidelines for participating in On-Campus Recruiting:

Dress: Please dress for an On-Campus Recruiting interview as you would for any other type of job interview – it is a formal event. For gentleman, this means a two or three piece suit if possible, collared shirt, tie, socks and leather shoes. For women, a business suit and leather shoes are also recommended. Typical colors for interviewing suits are black, navy or charcoal/gray.

Materials: Please ensure that you have at least 2-3 additional copies of your resume in hand, along with a transcript if required, a references sheet to hand to the interviewer if requested, and paper and a pen so that you can jot down notes during the interview (helpful when constructing questions and writing thank you notes). A briefcase is not necessary, but a portfolio pad (such as those found in the School Store) can be very useful in keeping your notes, resumes and business cards you collect in a safe place.

After your interview: It is highly recommended that as soon as possible (1-2 days) after your interview, you send a thank you letter to the recruiter you met with, both to reiterate your interest in the position and to acknowledge the time they spent with you in this process. Thank you letters can make a very positive impact on your image with recruiters, and should therefore be sent after any and all significant contact with a company representative. Make sure to ask for a business card so that you are able to properly address your thank you letter and to later reach the interviewer if necessary.

Cancellations and Missed Interviews:
Students may use the Online Career Development Center system to change interview times or cancel appointments up to 4 working days prior to the interviewing date. After that time, cancellation or time changes are not allowed. If an emergency arises when a cancellation is necessary and you are aware of this prior to your interview, you must contact the Career Development Center Office immediately and the employer if possible. You must then follow the guidelines below for missed interviews:

First Missed Interview: If you fail to attend a scheduled interview during the year, you must notify the Career Development Center Office immediately! We also require that you send an apology letter to the employer and cc: Career Development Center (careers@listserv.csufresno.).

Second Missed Interview: If you miss a second interview during the year, follow the above guidelines for the first missed interview. You must arrange a meeting with the Director of Career Development Center, who will determine whether or not to permanently revoke your On-Campus Recruiting privileges.

Job Offer Policies:
Students should be given sufficient time to decide whether to accept or decline a full-time or internship offer.

“Exploding Offers”: Students should not be pressured to accept offers “early” which have incentives attached involving diminished bonuses, reduced options for location preferences, etc.

The following guidelines for handling the offer phase of the recruiting process:

• Make sure you have the terms and conditions of your employment offer clearly defined in writing (job duties, salary, bonuses, and other benefits, starting date, work location and schedule, etc.) If a formal

offer letter does not follow a verbal offer or if you need further clarification about the written terms, please follow up with the employer immediately.

• Do not hoard offers. If you are not interested in a particular offer, please let that employer know immediately.

• Understand the implications of “exploding offers”.

• Recognize that not all offers are negotiable, even in a competitive market. Be realistic about your expectations and conduct appropriate research before approaching an employer.

• Notify organizations of your decision regarding their offers in the time frame agreed upon. If you need more time, you may contact the organization for a possible extension. However, it will be the employer’s decision whether to grant the request for more time.

• Accept an offer only after careful consideration.

• After accepting an offer, you are expected to withdraw from the interviewing process. If you are holding other pending offers, you are also expected to immediately notify those organizations of your final decision.

• Do not renege after accepting an offer, except in cases of extreme personal emergency.

If you have further questions about these guidelines or the offer evaluation process, please consult with a Career Development Center, Thomas, Room 103.

Complaint Procedures:
Students who believe an employer has misrepresented him/herself or his/her company should email the Career Development Center (careers@listserv.csufresno.) immediately!!


Non-Discrimination Policy:
Career Development Center welcomes all Equal Opportunity Employers. Fresno State, in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and university policy, prohibits discrimination including harassment, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental disability, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, age, or citizenship.

Employers who have complaints about a student’s behavior or possible misrepresentation of information are encouraged to contact Career Development Center (careers@listserv.csufresno.) immediately!