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Campus Advisors

Advising Responsibilities

Major advisors

Academic Counselors in Office of Advising Services

Major Advising

  • Major advising is handled through the major department (locations vary).
  • Major advisors review the student's DARS report and discuss advisor approved electives or any major substitutions.
  • All substitutions or changes in a student's major plan are made by the major advisor.
  • Major advisors then create a memo explaining all substitutions.
  • Official memos from the major department need to be sealed and sent to the Evaluations Office (Joyal Administration, Room 115, 278.4076, M/S JA57).
  • Official memos will be scanned and held in the student's electronic jacket and reviewed upon filing for graduation.
  • Substitutions and waivers may not necessarily be reflected in the student's DARS report.

General Education Advising

  • General Education advising for many majors takes place in the Office of Advising Services ( Joyal Administration Building, Room 224, 278.1787).
  • Any substitutions for General Education requirements are done via petition to the Student Academic Petitions Committee (SAPC)
  • Academic petitions MUST be completed through an appointment with an academic counselor in the Office of Advising Services (blank petition forms are not given to students or faculty).
  • General Education substitutions approved by the SAPC may not be reflected in the student's DARS report.