Degree Requirements

In order to graduate, you will need to complete the following items:

1. Total units (most majors)
  • 1988-89 to 2001-2002 catalog years 124 units minimum
  • 2002-2003 to present catalog years 120 units minimum
2. Major requirements : consult your department advisor
3. General Education (51 units*), including:

1999-2000 to present catalog year

FOUNDATION (12 units)

BREADTH (27 units)

INTEGRATION (9 upper division units)

MULTICULTURAL/INTERNATIONAL (3 upper division units)

NOTE: Majors in Engineering and Liberal Studies majors follow a modified General Education pattern. Students in these majors must consult with their faculty advisor for specific requirements.

For 1988-89 through 1998-99 General Education catalog years , please make an appointment with an academic counselor in the Office of Advising Services to determine eligibility.

4. Upper Division Writing Skills (after 60 and before 90 units completed)

Pass the Upper Division Writing Examination (UDWE) (contact Testing Services, located in Family Food Science Building, Room 110, 559.278.2457, for exam dates and registration information) OR Pass a "W" course ** with a grade of C/CR or higher*

*NOTE: A few majors require a specific "W" course.

5. Residence units (30 units total; 24 are upper division, 12 are in the major, and 9 in G.E.)
6. 40 upper division unit requirement
7. GPA of 2.0+ in three areas:

(a) in the major (b) in all Fresno State coursework (c) total/cumulative units (some majors require a 2.0 in every class)

8. Pay graduation fee at the cashier's window - Joyal Administration South Lobby
9. File graduation application with cashier's receipt attached in the Evaluations Office (Joyal Administration Building, Room 115) during specific filing periods