Outstanding Advisor Awards


Faculty and staff recipients of the eleventh annual Outstanding Advisor Awards were recognized at a reception in the University Dining Hall on Thursday, May 5, 2016. They were selected from a strong group of 25 candidates nominated by students and colleagues, and announced by Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Lynnette Zelezny and Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Dr. Frank Lamas.

Each of the following award recipients received an engraved trophy, a certificate, and a $1,000 stipend for professional development:

  • Kathy Dunbar – University Advising Center
  • Moaaz Gill – Advising and Resources Center for the College of Science and Mathematics
  • Dr. Catherine Jackson - Kinesiology
  • Dr. Buphinder Singh – Physical Therapy

 Advisor Award 2015-2016


These four went above and beyond typical advising duties to inspire many students to reach for higher goals, believe in themselves, and develop a love for their respective areas of study or service. They are an inspiration to both students and colleagues alike. Congratulations!

Congratulations to these outstanding advisors and to the other faculty and staff advisors who received at least three nominations from colleagues and students and were honored with a certificate of recognition.

The prestigious Outstanding Advisor Awards are awarded annually to faculty and staff advisors who have demonstrated qualities associated with outstanding academic advising of students. Award recipients will be selected by the Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and receive $1,000 of professional development funding. The award ceremony is held in May every year.

"Being nominated as outstanding advisor was a great honor to me. Students MAKE my job meaningful and so, when they nominated me for the award, it was VERY special to me!!  It's a pleasure for me to be able to help and guide them in any way I can." - Dr. Tamyra Pierce, Department of Mass Communication

"Being a mentor is hard work and often you feel insecure in your abilities. When my students nominated me for this award, I knew that my hard work was not only appreciated but, more importantly, making an impact." - Dr. Shane Moreman, Department of Communication