What is Academics?

The Academic Team is meant to help guide students through their transition from high school to the university setting. Our Peer Advisors are trained to assist students with academic related cocerns, as in: 

  • Assisting students to access available academic resources.
  • Maintaining and providing accurate information about the various majors, minors and certificates.
  • Helping students get connected with their professors.
  • Establishing a positive relationship with students, faculty, and staff based upon trust and respect as well as  maintaining a positive regard for all individuals.
  • Being readily available to assist all CAMP students throughout the entire academic year.
  • Academic Plans
  • Class Registration Assistance 
  • General Education Requirements
  • How to read your Degree Progress Report (DPR)

Meet our CAMP Academics Team  


Maria Cabrera

Academic and Career Counselor 

Jennifer Cabrera

1st Peer Advisor 

Jasmin Ledesma-Villa

1st Year Peer Advisor 

Jose Eduardo Mundo Tapia

1st Year Peer Advisor 

Pa Vang

1st Year Peer Advisor 

Selena Plancarte

2nd Year Peer Advisor


Ximena Hidalgo

2nd Year Peer Advisor 


Printable Resources

Student Educational Plan

Student Weekly Planner

Fall Calendar 2020

Study Hours Verification

CAMP Study Hours Process