2014-15 ASI Elections take place Tuesday, March 25 at 9 a.m. through Thursday, March 27 at noon.  The ballot is available online and students must check their Fresno State email accounts for their unique username and password.


Do you want to develop leadership skills? Do you like being involved on campus? If so, run for student government! Associated Students, Inc. of Fresno State serves as the official voice for the student body, provides a forum for student interests, and ensures communication among students, faculty and staff.

Elections will be here in the spring, so start planning today for who you’ll be tomorrow! Running for office is simple, and here are the outlined five steps to the process:

  1. Submit completed Petition for Office. Petitions will be available starting January 16, 2014 in the Student Involvement Center, USU 306. If running for a college position, you must collect signatures from Fresno State students from your respected college or school. Petitions are due Feb 14, 2014.
  2. Read the Election Code. The Election Code will be available with the Petition for Office on Friday in USU 306. All candidates are required to have a copy of the Election Code and can have any questions regarding the code answered at the All-Candidates’ Meeting.
  3. Attend the “All-Candidates’ Meeting.” All candidates must attend this mandatory orientation on ASI Elections and the Election Code (see Election Code for information regarding a proxy). Candidates that do not attend will be dropped from the ballot. Please note that individual pictures of candidates will be taken at this meeting.
  4. Campaign. Candidates may begin to “formally” campaign (post flyers, signs, etc.) following the All-Candidates’ Meeting. Please be sure that you and your campaign staff follow the Election Code.
  5. Vote! ASI Elections will be held online March 25-27, 2014. Every candidate for a public office should support their own campaign by voting. You are highly encouraged to ask the students in your college or program to participate in the elections to support your campaign.

What’s Your Best Fit?

Choosing which position you want to run for can be difficult. So here’s an example of what the duties may include.

Executive Positions (4): Executives carry out essential duties for the non-profit auxiliary organization and serve as primary liaisons between the students and the university. They are expected to serve 20 hours a week and are paid positions.

Senators of Colleges/Schools (8): There is one Senator which represents each of the eight colleges / schools on campus. Senators are expected to meet regularly with their respective Dean and complete at least 8 hours of service each month.

Senators At-Large (7): At-Large Senators are appointed to represent different areas or interests on campus. Senators At-Large are expected to meet regularly with a designated individual who works closely with their respected area and serve at least 8 hours per month