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rGrant Overview

The rGrant Program is designed to provide financial support for student (graduate and undergraduate) research, projects, and other scholarly endeavors—under faculty supervision—in all academic disciplines. Examples include activities such as laboratory experiments, senior projects, field studies, printing of thesis, subscription to related journals, and material to create artwork.

Funding is intended to support future and in-progress endeavors. Recipients must be enrolled as students for the duration of the program award. Once the applications have been collected the Academic Committee will review them. A notification of your status will be sent shortly after the collection, depending on the amount of applications received.

Reminder: Funding will not be allocated, however, for salaries, meals, travel, or symposia and manuscript presentations. No reimbursements for projects already completed will be given.

Guidelines for applying for the rGrant Program are as follows:

  1. Associated Students, Inc. funds will not be allocated for projects in which the student does not have a substantial and creative role.
  2. Each project shall only have one student.
  3. If at any time the project changes the student must submit a new application.
  4. Any surplus equipment belongs to Associated Students, Inc. and the placement of surplus equipment must be approved by the Academic Committee.
  5. Funding will not be allocated for salaries, living expenses, travel, and/or meals.
  6. Symposia and manuscript presentations will not be funded.
  7. Funding will only be provided through Expense Forms and monetary reimbursement. Purchase Orders are no longer available as an option for the rGrant Program.
  8. The sponsoring faculty member (or associate dean when necessary), and Associated Students, Inc. must approve purchases.
  9. Must attend a mandatory meeting on how to fill out the expense form. Dates will be announced.
  10. Signatures on application and expense forms will be reviewed for both the applicant and advisor.

Contact ASI at 559-278-2656 for more information about the rGrant Program