rGrants - Grading Rubric

rGrant applications are reviewed for the following criteria:

Overall Impression (10 points)

  • How much effort did this student put into their application/presentation of project?

Research/Academic (10 points)

  • Is this project relevant/valid/humane/interesting/applicable to the campus and/or academic world?

Legitimacy (10 points)

  • Is the project unbiased/credible/not frivolous?

Money Allotment (10 points)

  • Is the money budgeted appropriately and a fair request? 

Benefit (10 points)

  • Does the project benefit the student's personal/professional development and/or the campus community?

Overall: 50 points

Note: There is no minimum score required for approval.  The top scores from the applications will be approved.


Contact the ASI office at 559-278-2656 for more information about the rGrant Program