rGrant Deadline: Friday, April 10, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

Get money for your academic projects!

The rGrant Program, formerly known as the Educational Research and Project Grant (ERPG) Program, is designed to provide financial support for student (graduate and undergraduate) research, projects, and other scholarly endeavors in all academic disciplines. Students, with the supervision of a professor, may apply for funds to complete an educational project. Examples include laboratory experiments, senior projects, field studies, printing of thesis, subcription to related journals, and material to creat artwork.

Undergraduate student applications for rGrant funds can be used to cover project related software, equipment, materials, supplies, travel, data collection and analysis, and other project related expenses and up to one half of the grant can be used as student assistant funds.Funds may not be used for faculty compensation or travel or to purchase food.

For Graduate student applications, funds will not be allocated for salaries, meals, symposium, manuscript presentations, or travel.


Contact ASI at 559-278-2656 for more information about the rGrant Program.

Application deadline is April 10, 2015 to the ASI Office in USU 317.  All undergraduate applications will be processed by Academic Resources, and all graduate applications will be processed by ASI.