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Instructionally Related Activities (IRA)

2018-2019 Application Deadline is Friday, March 2.

Your Department Chair will receive an e-mail confirmation to approve your submission. Chairs have until Tuesday. March 6.

ASI will be responsible for sorting and forwarding all IRA applications to College Deans for review no later than Friday, March 16.


To preview the IRA application questions, click here

International Travel

Application Deadline Friday, February 23.

All international travel programs should NOT apply for funding through the above online IRA application process.  The IRA Board has designated the Division of Continuing and Global Education (CGE) as the entity charged with the administration of funding for such programs.  Applications for international travel program funding should be submitted to the CGE Office, room ED130 by Friday, February 23. For questions regarding this process, please contact CGE at 559.278.0333.

Download the application here (download blank PDF):

-- IRA International Travel Grant Program Application --

About IRA:

What is an Instructionally Related Activity (IRA)?

The goal of the Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) program is to provide student fee funding for out-of-class experiences for students participating in an academic program, discipline, or department where those experiences are integrally related to one of its instructional courses.  Such activities are deemed essential for providing a quality educational program and constitute a vital and/or enhanced instructional experience for students.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, activities must: (a) be discipline/departmentally based and sponsored, (b) be integral to course offerings, (c) be intensive, structured activities, (d) require active rather than passive student involvement, (e) engage students in performances, presentations, or competitions that demonstrate skills from participation in intensive class work.

IRA Policies, Procedures, Expensing and FAQ’s

  • The application for IRA funds shall originate at the joint request of students and faculty members from a department or academic discipline. The application shall be forwarded to the department chair and the dean of the school of the sponsoring department or academic discipline for review and recommendation.
  • The request with all recommendations shall then be forwarded to the IRA Advisory Board for review and recommendation.
  • After evaluating the applications, the Board shall forward its recommendations to the President of California State University, Fresno.
  • The President of the University will then make the final determination of IRA funding.
  • For emergency purposes, the Board will maintain a five percent (5%) budget reserve, half to be distributed in the fall semester and the remainder distributed no earlier than April 1st.

Who Reviews and Determines What Projects Receive Funding?

Every campus in the CSU system is mandated to have an equal number of administrators and students on the IRA Advisory Board. The ASI President or designee presides as Chair. The Board reviews the applications as well as hears a brief statement from the applicants themselves. Funding recommendations are then determined based on the merit of each project as well as properties, which the Board has set. If there is money remaining at the end of this process, it is rolled over into a “contingency reserve” for the following fall semester. Most times, the IRA Advisory Board will meet in the fall semester to allocate this money in the same way it did during the spring semester allocations. The Board shall consist of six (6) members. Three (3) faculty/administrators members appointed by the President of the University. Any three (3) students appointed by the President of the Associated Students. The Associated Students’ President, or designee, shall serve as chair.

Funding Criteria The following considerations will apply to funding decisions: The Mission Statement of the University, relevant CSU system documents and these guidelines.

  • The participation level of students involved.
  • The academic value of the activity.
  • Itemized explanations of requested expenditures.
  • The use of previous funds received through IRA.
  • The ability to be self-sufficient or obtain substantial alternate funding.
  • Revenue generated through an admission charge to any or all events.
  • The continuation of an activity or program (annual events).
  • Importance or significance of the funding to the entire program/event budget.
  • All funded programs shall be required to submit a year-end report of expenditures and program activities.


For more information on how to apply, please call the ASI Business Office at (559) 278-2656.

Received an IRA grant and have questions? Contact Academic Resources at (559) 278-3079.