Grading Options

Selecting a Grading Option

At the time of registration, students will be prompted to select their grading option for each course.

Registration for Credit/No Credit Grading Option

Certain courses are graded "CR-NC" only. Certain other courses are graded "A"-"F" only, especially courses required in the major.

The remaining courses which are graded traditionally ("A"-"F") may be taken for "CR-NC". If you wish "CR-NC" grading, follow the "CR-NC" procedures.

Selection of the "CR-NC" grading option IS available through the Web Registration system.

Registration for Audit Grading Option

Audit registration IS NOT available through Web Registration. See procedures below.

Regular class attendance is expected and the student may be required to participate in any or all classroom activities at the discretion of the faculty member.

If you fail to meet the class requirements the audited class will not be listed on your record.

Courses audited may not be used in the master's program.

Changing a Class to Credit/No Credit

Use the Web system to change your grading option. Maximum of 6 units per semester. Deadline is February, 13

Changing a Class to Audit

Secure Administrative Change Form from Admissions & Records Service Windows or on the website Obtain required signatures and return form to Admissions & Records Service Windows. Deadline is February, 13