Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is impaction?

Impaction is when a campus receives more qualified applicants than we have the financial ability to accept.

Why is Fresno State modifying the current impaction plan?

Enrollment at Fresno State has grown significantly in the past five years. Since the fall 2010 term, applications for admission have been at a historic high and continue to increase at a 6% rate.  At the same time budget restrictions across California and throughout the CSU continue to limit our ability to serve all qualified applicants.  The demand exceeds our target.  Therefore, in order to effectively manage our target goals across all programs and better serve our students, the next step is to implement program impaction that would cover all applicants.

How will Fresno State use the impaction tools to control enrollment?
Fresno State is committed to access and will use the tools as minimally as possible to reach the state and CSU enrollment target.

What is changing for Freshmen and Transfer admissions?
Fresno State is adding full academic program impaction and adjusting admission requirements for all applicants.

Which majors will have specific admissions criteria?

All majors are subject to specific admissions criteria based on enrollment needs.

When are the new changes taking place?

Based on public comment and CSU approval, we are planning to implement the changes starting fall 2016.

How will Fresno State admit students under Impaction?

Local Freshmen and Transfer students will always receive higher priority in establishing admission criteria.

How does this change the Fresno State student population?

Fresno State will utilize impaction as minimally as possible to meet state- and CSU-mandated enrollment targets. Based on possible projections, our local Freshmen population could be reduced by roughly 400 students and the denial of 65 local admissible Transfer students.

 What will happen to students who no longer qualify for admission?

Freshmen applicants will be encouraged to attend a local community college and will receive support from our University Outreach Services Office to successfully transfer to Fresno State.

Transfer students will be advised to retake D’s and F’s at the Community College to raise their GPA.

How can I comment on Fresno State’s plan to impact admissions?

Community stakeholders are encouraged to attend one of the three public hearings Fresno State is holding on the matter:

Monday, March 2

Leon & Pete Peters Educational Center - Fresno State - Student Recreation Center – 7:00p.m.

Tuesday, March 3

Ponderosa Lecture Hall, Room 350 – College of Sequoias, Visalia – 7:00p.m.

Friday, March 6

North Gym, Room 118 – Fresno State – 2:00p.m.

How can I submit comments/questions to Fresno State if I am unable to attend one of the public hearings?
Please access our comment form at