Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Upper Division Transfer Questions and Answers

Who can I speak with regarding my admissions status?

Admission files of upper-division transfer applicants are assigned to a specific Transfer Admissions Advisor. Please contact a Transfer Advisor at 559.278.2261. You may also check on your admission status at (navigate to Student Self Service > Student Center > My Admissions and Program Applications).

Do I need to submit transcripts from all colleges attended?

Yes, even if you feel the courses are not needed for your admissions or major requirements. Your file will remain incomplete until all transcripts and required documents are received. Fresno State requires official transcripts from each college you have attended. Your letter of acknowledgment email sent within a few weeks of application submission gives details on deadlines and other instructions regarding official transcripts.

Am I required to take College Readiness Courses?

Upper-division transfer applicants who meet admission requirements will not need to take the College Readiness courses. However, if you are in progress with your required general education Area A2 or Area B4 courses, the College Readiness service indicator will remain on your file until a grade of C- or better is submitted

What does conditionally admitted mean?

All applicants who have any work in progress are considered conditionally admitted. Your admission status will update to a final admit once you accept your offer of admission, attend a Dog Days new student orientation, and we receive final official transcripts showing all coursework has been completed and all other admission requirements for the term have been met.

If admitted, may I enroll in classes even though I have required courses in progress?

No. If you have courses in progress needed to meet an admissions requirement, you cannot enroll yet. You must provide documentation that you have completed 60-semester units, the four general education foundation courses (Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning, English, Critical Thinking, and Speech), and have maintained a cumulative grade point average of at least the CSU minimum before you can enroll

I didn’t pass one or more of my four general education foundation courses. Can I still attend and repeat the course at Fresno State?

 No. All requirements must be met prior to admission.

I was admitted to Fresno State but can not attend this semester. Can I have my file moved to the next semester?

 No. You will need to reapply.

Do I need to send official AP scores if they already appear on my high school or another college transcript that has been submitted?

Yes. In order to receive credit, please submit official AP scores from the College Board to our office. Only scores of 3 or higher will receive credit.

Can I pick the 70-semester units I want to transfer from the community college?

No. The maximum number of community college units applied toward a bachelor’s degree is 70 units. However, all transferable course work is evaluated and calculated in your cumulative GPA and applied to meet general education requirements, your major, or as electives.

Does a course with a “D” grade transfer?

A “D” grade is considered to be a passing grade and any baccalaureate-level courses will transfer with a “D” grade. Even though a course may transfer with a “D” grade, that grade may not be sufficient to clear a requirement; i.e., all four general education foundation courses—oral communication, written communication, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning courses-- must be completed with at least a “C” grade. Additionally, some major courses require a passing grade of a “C”.

I have an Associate Degree, why was I denied?

An Associate Degree does not mean you have completed general education ( GE ) for a bachelor’s degree. It simply means you completed the AA degree requirements at a community college. It is possible to complete all lower-division GE courses prior to transfer, but upper division GE courses will need to be completed after transfer.

Who has the authority to adjust my major requirements?

All students are expected to fulfill graduation requirements stated in the catalog. However, the major department has the authority to adjust any major requirement based on the review of courses completed at other universities. Adjustments to the major can be requested and submitted to the Degree Advising Office through your major department chairperson or his or her designee using the ARRC process.

What can I do if I disagree with how a course was/was not used on my evaluation?

We honor certifications and articulation agreements with transfer colleges. However, you can call or stop by the Admissions & Recruitment office in the north lobby of the Joyal Administration Building to request review of a course. Depending on the request, adjustments can be made in our office or petitions sent to the department of the course or to the University Advising Center.

How do I change my major, address, or name?

You can access all forms online at .  Use the Student Information Update form to change name, SSN, birthdate, or gender. Use the Change of Major/Minor request to change or add or delete a major or minor.  To change your address, phone number, or other contact information, go to your Student Center and click on the My Personal Information green arrow.

When can I enroll in classes?

All new students admitted to the university must attend a scheduled new student orientation (Dog Days). After completing the orientation you will be assigned an appointment time to enroll in classes. You should also check your Student Center at for any holds which may prevent you from enrolling.

Who can help me choose classes?

Advisors will be on hand during orientation to assist you. If you have a declared major, contact information for the Major College Advising Centers is at   You may also contact the University Advising Center at 559.278.1787 or the department of your major to schedule an appointment to speak with an advisor.

Helpful Suggestions

  1. Set up and check your Fresno State email account. You can forward your Fresno State email to your primary email address by logging into your Fresno State account at, and navigate to Settings > Forwarding and POP/MAP.
  2. Create a personal file. Keep copies of all your important documents, transcripts, memorandums, and evaluations.
  3. Keep your Fresno State student ID number handy. Whenever you call or email the Admissions office, you will need to provide your student ID number. Make a note of who you spoke with and when you spoke with them.
  4. At navigate to Student Self Service>Student Center to check on your Admission Status, To Do List, and any transcripts not received.
Read the catalog, available online at and be aware of what is required to complete your degree requirements. Students are responsible for knowing what is required to earn their degree. If you do not understand something, ask questions. You can run a Degree Progress Report from your Student Center under the green arrow My Academic Records and Registration.