Upper Division Transfers

 Before Applying

Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in joining our Bulldog Family!  There are many things you can do to get ready to join us at Fresno State.  Below are a couple of things you can do to prepare:
  • Don't just visit campus, Take a Tour led by one of our students and find out about the many programs we offer.
  • Want some more information about Fresno State and our programs? Fill out our Information Request Form and join our mailing list.
  • Almost ready to apply?  Before you do, Request an Appointment with one of our Undergraduate Admissions Counselors who can assist you as you prepare to apply to Fresno State.

In addition to all these activities you can do, visit our Undergraduate Student Recruitment page and find out all the information you need on admissions eligibility and costs.


Fall 2017 Program Impaction

Fall 2017 application cycle is open until November 30, 2016. Information on this page is not finalized and is subject to change.

California State University, Fresno is designated as a program impacted campus at both the first-time freshmen and upper division transfer levels.

Local minimum GPA:  2.3

A student is considered local if the majority of their transferable units are coming from one or more of the following local colleges.

  • Allan Hancock Community College
  • Clovis Community College
  • College of the Sequoias
  • Fresno City College
  • Hartnell Community College
  • Merced College
  • Modesto Junior College
  • Porterville College
  • Reedley College
  • West Hills Community College
  • West Hills College - Lemoore

Non-local minimum GPA: 3.2

Please see below for the impacted majors who have program specific criteria different from the University minimum eligibility.

If an applicant selected an impacted major and does not meet its minimum requirements, but the applicant meets the minimum eligibility requirements for their alternate major, their application will be reviewed through a secondary review process.

Minimum GPA

Minimum GPA - Fall 2017

Local Minimum GPA: 2.3

Out of Area Minimum GPA: 3.2

Program Specific Minimum GPA

Jordan College of Agriculture
Service Area Min GPA
Out of Area Min. GPA
Animal Sciences & Ag Education    
 Ag Education - Ag Communication  2.4  2.6
 Ag Education - Teacher Prep  2.4  2.6
 Animal Sciences - Production Mgnt  2.4  2.6
 Animal Sciences - Basic Animal Science  2.4  2.6
 Animal Sciences - Pre-Vet  3.1  3.2
Child, Family, & Consumer Sciences    
 Pre-Child & Family Science 2.3 2.7
 Fashion Merchandising 2.5 2.7
Food Science & Nutrition    
 Food Science Option 2.3 2.7
Industrial Technology    
 Industrial Technology 2.3 2.5
Health & Human Services
Service Area Min GPA
Out of Area Min. GPA
 Exercise Science  2.7  3.2
Communicative Disorders    
 Deaf Studies  2.3  2.7
 Deaf Education  2.3  2.7
 Interpreting  2.3  2.7
  Pre-Nursing  2.7  3.2
Lyles College of Engineering Service Area Min GPA Out of Area Min. GPA
Geomatic Engineering 2.3 2.5


Critical dates

Transfer Applicants Fall 2017 Critical Dates

(Extensions will not be granted on these deadlines)

October 2016

Saturday, October 1
Applications accepted at www.calstate.edu/apply

November 2016

Wednesday, November 30
Deadline to submit application for upper division transfer applicants

February 2017

Wednesday, February 15
Deadline to submit official transcripts including fall 2016 grades and spring 2017 work in progress, if applicable

March 2017

Wednesday, March 15
Applicant acceptance of admission decision using online Accept/Decline and registration of mandatory DOG DAYS: New Student Orientation begins

June 2017

Friday, June 30
  • Deadline to receive final transcript showing completed spring 2017 courses
  • Deadline for Accept/Decline

July 2017

DOG DAYS: New Student Orientation sessions begin

Applying to Fresno State

How to apply

Fresno State’s admission application is here: www.calstate.edu/apply. For help completing your Cal State Apply application, call 1-857-304-2087 or contact Undergraduate Student Recruitment at 559.278.2048.

Transfer Admissions Guide

Transfer Admissions Guide can be found here.

After your application has been submitted

After your application is submitted

Create your Fresno State student account at my.fresnostate.edu
Access your Student Center:
  1. Click My Menu
  2. Click Student Self Service
  3. Click Student Center
Once on the Center page, you can view:
  • To Do List
  • Application Status
  • Important Info and Holds
  • Dog Days Registration Info
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
Visit www.gotofresnostate.com and click on Events for a list of Next Step webinars.

Create Fresno State e-mail account

Campus email can be accessed from my.fresnostate.edu or by visiting http://googleapps.fresnostate.edu. Email should be checked often. Most Fresno State offices will only correspond through the student email account.

How to check your application status

I’ve submitted my application. How do I know if Fresno State has received everything they need to review my application?
  • Visit https://my.fresnostate.edu and log into your Fresno State portal using your Fresno State username and password. This is the same username and password you created for your Fresno State email account at https://googleapps.fresnostate.edu/signup/MyFresnoState login
  • Once logged in, click on Student Self Service and then Student CenterApplication Status
  • Once on your Student Center, click on ‘My Admissions and Program Applications’ to view your application status by clicking on Univ Application StatusApplication Status
(Also on the To Do List to the right you can click on details to see which office is asking for the specific item)

Application Status


I’ve requested that my official transcripts be sent. Why does my To Do List still show Transcript?
  • If the most recent official transcript you submitted shows any in-progress courses, a Transcript item will remain on your To Do List to remind you that you need to submit a new set of transcripts after the in-progress course is over.
  • You should receive an email letting you know that your initial transcripts have been received. If you attended 2 or more schools within a district, you will get separate emails regarding each institution.
When will I find out if I have been admitted or denied?
  • Spring admission – we start reviewing applications and official transcripts around the third week of September and plan to have all applications reviewed by October 31st
  • Fall admission – we start reviewing applications and official transcripts around the third week of January and plan to have all applications reviewed by April 15th

Application review process

Complete applications will be reviewed based on official documents, including official transcripts, that you have submitted by the document deadline. Please be sure to provide accurate information since it will be used to determine if we can offer you conditional admission.

           Accept/Decline and Dog Days Orientation
Students offered conditional admission will be asked to either accept or decline their offer of admission as well as register and pay for a mandatory Dog Days new student orientation by June 30th for fall term admits or November 30th for spring term admits via their Student Center.

           Official Transcripts
Official transcripts must be submitted for each college attended by the document deadline.  Check your student center and your email communications from us for specific details.

After you've been admitted

Check your MyFresnoState



Upper division transfer students who have been conditionally admitted to California State University, Fresno will need to complete the following steps to secure their space for the fall 2017 semester.

Beginning March 15th, the following three tasks must be completed online at https://my.fresnostate.edu.
  • ACCEPT admission to the university
  • REGISTER for DOG DAYS: New Student Orientation
  • PAY for orientation session
Follow the instructions below to ACCEPT, REGISTER, and PAY via your Fresno State portal

  • Visit https://my.fresnostate.edu and click the Sign In button found on the top left-hand side
  • Enter Fresno State username and password and click the Login button
  • Under My Menu on the left side of the screen, select Student Self Service
  • Click on Student Center
  • Click on the green arrow next to My Admissions and Program Applications
  • Select the Accept/Decline link and follow the instructions to accept or decline your admission.
  • After admission has been accepted, the student will see additional screens that will allow them to register and pay for a DOG DAYS: New Student Orientation session. Student must register and pay for an orientation session to complete acceptance to California State University, Fresno.
(If a student logs off after they ACCEPT their admission, they can log back into their Student Center and register for DOG DAYS by clicking on the Dog Days Orientation link found under “My Admissions and Program Applications.”)

The steps described above must be completed by June 30th, 2017 in order to avoid having an admission application withdrawn for the fall 2017 semester. If any of the above three steps are not completed, the student will not receive an evaluation of their transfer work and will not be able to register for fall courses.

For questions, please contact us at (559) 278-2261 or email admissions@csufresno.edu. Be sure to include Fresno State student ID number when emailing our office.

Dog Days

Is DOG DAYS New Student Orientation mandatory?
DOG DAYS is a mandatory orientation program designed to welcome students to the Fresno State community. Participation in orientation is the best way for a conditionally admitted student to acclimate to the campus and serves as an important step in making the transition to life as a Bulldog.

What are the orientation dates for transfer students?
DOG DAYS: New Student Orientation sessions are offered in July for fall-term transfers and in late November or early December for spring-term transfers.

Please visit http://www.fresnostate.edu/dogdays for more information