Warning Signs

Warning Signs


What are the signs of alcohol poisoning?

Just remember..you MUST HELP!

Mental Confusion           


Snoring or Gasping 

Throwing up 



Erratic Breathing

Loss of Consciousness

Paleness of Blueness of the Skin 

   Know the Signs retrieved from Aware Awake Al!ve


What To Do:

  • Call 911 or University Police: 278-8400
  • Stay with the person
  • Monitor breathing or Heartbeat 
  • Perform CPR if necessary 


For more information contact:

Tipnow at 559-664-3204

Tipnow-  "University Police at Fresno State have implemented a new crime-reporting system in which students, faculty and staff can anonymously text in regarding crimes or concerns on campus.
Lt. Lupe Shrum of Fresno State's University Police Department said TipNow is a new way of using technology to get students and others on campus more involved with campus police in order to prevent crimes. University Police hope the campus community will use TipNow not only to report crimes, but to assist UPD in preventing crimes.
When a student sends in a tip, University Police personnel receive an alert on their computers."