Party Skills - Alcohol Safety

When you choose to go out to party, keep these tips to mind to ensure your safety and continue the fun!

  • Know your limits. Drink in moderation.
  • Don t drive if you know you will be drinking. Have a designated driver or call a taxi or company like Sober Guys to take you home. Some companies will even drive you home in your own car so you don't have to worry about leaving it somewhere. 
  • Plan to split cab fare with friends in advance and avoid driving at all. The bill for the ride will be much cheaper than a DUI.
  • The warm summer nights here allow you to walk to nearby fun spots instead of driving after a night out. 
  • Avoid drinking games because you will surpass your limits without knowing it. Keeping track of how much you drink :)
  • Counting and measuring: Know the standard drink sizes so you can count your drinks accurately
  • Setting goals- Decide how many days a week you want to drink and how many drinks you ll have on those days.
  • Pacing and Spacing- When you do drink, pace yourself.
  • Including Food-Don t drink on an empty stomach
  • Avoiding Triggers - What triggers your urge to drink? If certain people, activities, or feelings intensify your urge to drink, plan what you ll do instead of drinking.
  • Knowing Your No - Most likely you re offered a drink at times