Choosing a Major

The steps you take in choosing a good major can be interesting, revealing and . . . fun! Several resources are available to help with the exploration process. Use the steps below as a guide.

  • What Interests You?

    It is important to learn more about yourself and to identify the things in life that are important to you. This will help you narrow down the types of work and work environments that best suit you.

  • What's the Career Really Like?

    Once you have identified possible careers, take some time to learn more about job descriptions, working conditions, required training and education, projected demand for the occupations, expected salaries, opportunities for advancement, and related occupations. You can find this information through:

  • Use Your Fresno State Catalog

    By using the catalog you will find information about majors you are considering and the types of careers that relate to those majors. Read the course descriptions in each major and highlight the courses that seem interesting. By doing this and seeing which major "lights up," you will gain a better understanding about the field of study and whether or not it would be a good fit for you.

  • Selection of General Education Classes

    You can select GE classes as part of your career exploration. Choose classes that interest you as well as those that can "double-count" for majors you are considering. Several majors require one or more classes that meet lower-division GE requirements.

  • Talk with Professors and Department Advisors

    Professors and advisors have a wealth of career information they can share with you. Be sure to obtain each department's advising sheet, or "flow chart," to help understand and map out requirements in the major.

  • Volunteer, Get a Job or an Internship

    In order to find out if you really like a particular career, it is important to actively participate in the experience. This is an excellent way to validate your career options as well as gain valuable work-related experience.

  • Conduct Information Interviews

    Talk with people employed in the areas that interest you. Meet with these professionals at their job sites. See if you can job-shadow someone in your field of interest. What better way to find out if the career you are considering is all you thought it would be!

  • Join Clubs and Organizations

    Many student organizations at Fresno State are major or career related. You can find out more about campus organizations here.Becoming involved in a group provides opportunities to share your interest with others, enhance and develop leadership skills and increase contacts with others in the field.

  • Attend Job Information Fairs

    Several career-related fairs are held on campus each year. These fairs provide opportunities to gain job/career information, practice your interviewing skills and obtain job placement information while developing a professional portfolio.

By using some or all of these resources you will be well on your way to choosing a career that will be satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable!