Academic Disenrollment Appeal

An undergraduate student who has been academically disqualified may appeal for reinstatement. The Academic Disenrollment Appeal must be completed with an Academic Counselor at the University Advising Center in Joyal Administration, Room 224. Appeals are reviewed by a committee and the student will be notified of a final decision via email.

Criteria for Disenrollment Appeal:

1.  A statement describing circumstances that occurred during Spring 2019 that were extreme, extraordinary and clearly beyond your control. Explain why you did not withdraw from the semester, how your circumstances prevented you from successfully completing the semester, and what has changed. Note: lack of motivation, poor time management, increased work hours, academic overload, etc. are not acceptable reasons.

2.  Strong supporting documentation (e.g. letter from a doctor on letterhead outlining dates & issues, death certificate, police report, etc.). Bills, medication reports, or release paperwork is not appropriate documentation.

3.  A student’s transcript must show prior academic work as successful. F and WU grades were not representative of regular academic work. 

For questions regarding the Academic Disenrollment Appeal, feel free to contact or the University Advising Center at (559) 278-1787, option 1. Academic Disenrollment Appeals will be accepted no later than June 28, 2019.