Academic Probation

What is academic probation?

An undergraduate student with a GPA less than a 2.00 in their campus or cumulative GPA would be placed on probation standing. Note, probation is a standing not a probationary period (see chart below). It is possible to be placed on disqualification without ever being on probation standing.

PDQ Chart


Title 5, CA Code of Regulations, Section 41300; CSU Executive Order 1038

Probation Advising

When a student is placed on academic probation, a probation letter is sent via campus email regarding mandatory expectations. Each student is advised to meet with their Special Program advisor (i.e., Educational Opportunity Program, College Assistance Migrant Program, Student Support Services, Renaissance Scholars Program, Dream Success Center) or major College Advising Center advisor as indicated in their letter.

Spring 2017 Requirements Only

  1. A student must meet with their Academic Advisor as indicated on probation letter to discuss academic progress.
  2. A student must meet a minimum 2.00 term GPA