Female college students holding booksMANDATORY ADVISING REQUIREMENTS

All Fresno State students are required to have academic advising at various stages in their educational journey. In your Student Center, the mandatory advising requirements are indicated by certain labels:

Initial Advising 

Incoming FRESHMEN must attend Dog Days or a similar orientation experience where academic advising is part of the program. (At this time, incoming transfer students are not required to have this initial advising at new student orientation.)

Second-Semester Freshman Advising 

Freshmen in their second semester at the university must satisfy this requirement prior to registering in April for fall classes.  More information to come in Spring 2015.

First-Semester Transfer Student 

Beginning in fall 2012, all new (first-semester) transfer students must visit their major department for advising in order to register for spring classes in November. Registration will be blocked.

Roadmap Advising 

ALL STUDENTS (except for new transfer students fall 2012 and after—see above) must visit an advisor from their major department before completing 75 units. After completing 60 units, you will receive a warning indicator ("MA1") on your Student Center. After completing 75 units you will see a registration block indicator ("MA2") and will not be able to register for classes until you visit your major advisor for roadmap advising.

Major Advising

SOME MAJORS (e.g., Engineering and Music) require their students to see an advisor each semester. If you are (or were previously) in one of those majors and see the "Advising" hold, you must see an advisor from your department.


UNDECLARED students must declare a major prior to the completion of their 60th unit. After completing 45 units you will see a warning indicator ("MD1") on your student record. After completing 60 units you will see a registration block indicator ("MD2") and you will not be able to register for classes until you declare a major.

Confused? Have questions? Contact either your major department or Advising Services (559.278.1787).