What is the Student Academic Petitions Committee (SAPC)?
The Student Academic Petitions Committee has the authority to permit exceptions to university baccalaureate degree requirements. Students are permitted to petition for modification or substitution of academic requirements on the basis of educational justification and/or evidence of hardship.

What types of petitions does the SAPC review?
The SAPC reviews petitions from students who are requesting exceptions, modifications or substitutions for GE requirements petitions to reestablish eligibility for an older GE pattern; petitions regarding the Upper Division Writing Skills Requirement; petitions regarding exceptions to degree residence requirements; petitions regarding excess units of KAC/dance techniques/athletic activity; and grade protest and cheating and plagiarism situations.
Note:  The SAPC does NOT make decisions pertaining to substitutions for undergraduate or graduate major requirements .  Such requests are initiated through the student's department.

Where do students go to complete Academic Petitions for General Education and/or graduation requirements?
Refer students to the Office of Advising Services, Joyal Administration Building, Room 224, to make an appointment with an academic counselor.  Academic counselors will assist students in completing academic petitions and advise them on what is needed to submit with the petitions for the committee to review.  For example, course descriptions and General Education patterns from other universities provide the information needed for the SAPC to make an informed decision.

How is a student notified about the outcome of the Academic Petition?
The SAPC typically meets twice a month and it takes approximately two to three weeks from the date the academic petition and supporting documents are submitted for a decision to be made.  Students are notified by a letter in the mail indicating the committee's decision.