Can I make changes or adjustments to my official academic record?

In some instances, yes. For example, you may need to change a "credit/no credit" grade to a letter grade, or retroactively withdraw from one or more classes in which you earned poor grades due to documentedcircumstances beyond your control. You may obtain a Record Adjustment form here or in the Joyal Administration North Lobby Room 106.

May I petition for a retroactive withdrawal for an entire semester?

Yes, using the Record Adjustment form, you may petition for a retroactive withdrawal from an entire semester. The primary criteria for approval are:

  • A documentedhardship that occurred during the term you are requesting.
  • Recommendation from campus official(s) as appropriate.

Note: Selective withdrawal of one or more courses taken with others in a particular term is difficult to justify and therefore seldom approved.

How am I notified about the outcome of the Record Adjustment petition?

Normally, it takes about ten working days from the date you submit the form and supporting documents. You will be notified by a letter in the mail indicating the committee's decision.