Possible Courses for First-Semester Transfer Students

  • Lower division GE courses (numbered 1-99) you know you still need.
  • Upper division GE courses (numbered 100-199) you know you need, as long as you have (or will have) at least 60 semester units at the end of your first semester and have met any prerequisites.
  • Upper Division Writing Skills Requirement
  1. Pass the UDWE. Depending on your major, you may be able to take the Upper Division Writing Exam, OR
  2. Take a "W" class. Consult the current Schedule of Classes for a complete listing.
  3. To receive upper division credit for the UDWE or the "W" class you must have completed 60 or more semester units that count toward graduation.
  • Major classes (Introductory or core major courses that you have not yet completed.
  • Minor or certificate classes. Earn elective units by pursuing a minor (ranging from 15 to 24 units) or a certificate (usually 12 units) in areas.
  • University 100 or Community Service 101
  • Electives. Take any classes that interest you. Some students enjoy Kinesiology Activity Courses (KAC) or one-unit topics classes.
  • Are you undeclared? Explore a possible major or minor by taking an introductory class in that area.