What is the Honor Code?
"Members of the California State University, Fresno academic community adhere to principles of
academic integrity and mutual respect while engaged in university work and related activities."

Though the code seems simple, its meaning is deep. Our university is committed to the well
being of the Central Valley and its people, and it realizes that if its graduates are both well educated and act with integrity, they can best make a positive difference to the future of our region. In the words of Dr. Jon Dalton of Florida State University,

"Teaching and learning depend upon the bedrock ethical integrity of teachers and students to honor the truth and to engage in the pursuit of truth with scrupulous honesty. When students or faculty violate this moral standard, they jeopardize the core integrity of the learning enterprise. No college or university can tolerate the loss of its fundamental ethical credibility."

The Honor Code requires students, faculty and university administration to exhibit high standards
of professional behavior.

Students are charged to become familiar about expectations for academic integrity. Furthermore, students are expected to monitor academic dishonesty and to report suspected incidents to the instructor or other appropriate official for action.

Faculty are expected to become knowledgeable of the applicable portions of the Academic Policy Manual related to establishing a climate of academic integrity and for establishing a 'culture of academic integrity' in individual classes and in each department. Faculty should inform you fully about how to do their assignments.

Finally, the university administration is charged with the responsibility of informing/training students, as well as all levels of academic personnel, on its academic
integrity expectations and procedures for their implementation.

We believe that even in difficult times a proactive approach to academic integrity is beneficial to
our university. Adherence to the recommendations of the Fresno State Honor Code and
implementation of the directives that govern it will serve to clarify expectations among all
stakeholders related to matters of academic integrity, and will assist Fresno State in moving
towards establishing a more formal campus-wide culture of academic integrity and mutual