What is needed to be done in order for a student to graduate?

A student will need to complete the following items:

1. Total units

  • 1998-99 to 2001-2002 catalog years - 124 units minimum
  • 2002-2003 to present catalog years - 120 units minimum

2. Major requirements

3. General Education (51 units*), including:

  • 1999-2000 to present catalog year
    • FOUNDATION (12 units)
    • BREADTH (27 units)
    • INTEGRATION (9 upper division units)
    • MULTICULTURAL/INTERNATIONAL (3 upper division units)
  • 1988-89 through 1998-99 catalog years
    • CORE (18 units)
    • BREADTH (27 units)
    • CAPSTONE (6 upper division units)

4. Upper Division Writing Skills Requirement (after 60 units completed**)

  • Passing the Upper Division Writing Examination (UDWE) or
  • Passing a "W" course** with a grade of C/CR or higher

**A few majors require a specific "W" course.

5. Residence (30 units, 24 upper division, 12 in major, 9 in G.E.)

6. 40 upper division unit requirement

7. GPA of 2.0+ in three areas:

  • in the major
  • at Fresno State
  • total/cumulative units (some departments require a 2.0 in every class)

8. Pay graduation fee at the Cashier's window

9. File graduation application with cashier's receipt in Evaluations Office

* NOTE: Majors in Engineering must complete a different G.E. pattern.  Faculty advisor should be consulted for specific requirements.


Where should students go to make sure they are on track to graduating in a timely manner?

Students should meet with advisors in their major department to ensure they have fulfilled all major requirements before applying to graduate.

An academic counselor with the Office of Advising Services , Joyal Administration Building, Room 224, 278-1787, can also assist students with general education and degree requirements.


What are the "residence requirements" for a baccalaureate degree?

The residence requirement for the baccalaureate degree specifies that 30 units shall be earned in residence at the campus granting the degree and of these 30 units:

  • Twenty-four units are required to be upper-division courses
  • Twelve of the units are required in the major
  • Nine units are required in General Education

Extension credit and credit by evaluation, including credit by examination, may not be used to fulfill the above described requirements. 


When students complete their degree requirements, do they automatically earn a diploma?

No, STUDENTS MUST APPLY FOR GRADUATION.  Graduation application forms are available at a table outside of the Evaluations Office, Joyal Administration Building, Room 115, during specific filing periods.


What are the steps students should take to apply for graduation?

  1. Pick-up graduation application at the Evaluations Office, Joyal Administration Building, Room 115.
  2. Pay the non-refundable $35 graduation application fee at the Cashier's Window in the South Lobby of the Joyal Administration Building and obtain a receipt. 
  3. Turn-in the completed graduation application form and the cashier's receipt to the Evaluations Office.
    Note: Liberal Studies and College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology majors must submit a major approval form before their applications will be processed.  Students must contact their major advisors for more details.


When are the filing periods for students to apply for graduation during Fall 2006 through Summer 2007?

Planned Graduation Date Application Date >Deadline*
Fall 2007 Aug 27 - Sept 7, 2007 Feb 1 , 2007
Spring 2007 Jan 17 - Feb 2, 2007 June 22 , 2007
Summer 2007 May 21 - June 22, 2007 September 14, 2007

* Deadline for Submission of All Applicable Grades & Dept. Clearances


What happens if students miss the deadline to apply for graduation?

For specific details, refer students to the Evaluations Office, Joyal Administration Building, Room 115.


Can students still participate in Commencement ceremonies if they are only a few classes short of completing their degree requirements?

Students can still participate in Commencement if they have not completed all of their degree requirements as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed a minimum of 90 semester units (senior status)
  • Have established a 2.0 or higher GPA
  • Are currently enrolled at California State University, Fresno

Note: Students will NOT graduate with a degree or receive their diploma until they have applied for their degree and all degree requirements are completed.


When should students expect to receive their diploma?

Diplomas are mailed to students after grades have been posted and the Evaluations Office has verified that all degree requirements have been met.  Usually, diplomas are mailed approximately three months after the end of the final semester.


What will be posted on the student's diploma?

The diploma will state that the student has either earned a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in their major, including option if applicable.  Graduation with honors is also included if the student earned high academic achievement.  Minors are not included on the diploma but are posted on the official transcript.


Does a student need to apply for postbaccalaureate or graduate study if the student intends to continue on at California State University, Fresno as a postbaccalaureate student?

Yes, a student who has completed all of the requirements for a bachelor's degree and intends to continue postbaccalaureate and/or graduate study at Fresno State must apply for admission to postbaccalaureate and graduate status at the Admissions Office and pay the non-refundable application fee.