What is a "grade substitution"?
If a student earned an original grade was "D", "F", or "WU" in a course and repeated the course for the same or higher grade, the student may request that the new grade be substituted for the original grade so that the original grade is not used in determining the student's grade point average.  

How many times can a student do a grade substitution for a particular course?
A student may substitute only once for a particular course. In addition, there is a limit of 16 total units of coursework that may be repeated for grade substitution in a student's academic career at Fresno State (since fall 2009).

Can students repeat a course in which they received a grade of "C" or higher?
If the original grade was "C", "CR", or better, the course cannot be repeated for grade substitution.

Can students repeat courses for grade substitution that they took at other institutions?
A course attempted at another institution may be repeated by enrolling in a regular California State University, Fresno course determined by the Evaluations Office to be equivalent. A course for which grade substitution has been granted at another institution may not be repeated for grade substitution at California State University, Fresno. Refer the student to see the Evaluations Office, Joyal Administration Building, Room 115, for prior approval.

If students earn a "D" grade or lower in a course taken at Fresno State, can they repeat the course at another institution for a grade substitution?
No, a course taken at California State University, Fresno may not be repeated for grade substitution at another institution.  A course taken at Fresno State must only be repeated at Fresno State for a grade substitution. Many times, students are not aware of this policy and mistakenly repeat courses at other institutions. 

Do students need to complete a Grade Substitution by Repeating a Course Form if they earn a "NC" in a course and are now repeating it?
No, a course in which a grade of "NC" was earned may be repeated but since the "NC" grade does not affect the grade point average, no substitution is necessary.