How many units can students transfer from a community college?
Students may transfer a maximum of 70 transferable semester units (105 quarter units) from accredited two-year institutions (community/junior colleges).

How many units can students transfer from CSU, UC or private institutions?
Students may transfer all of their baccalaureate coursework from other colleges attended and the Evaluations Office will determine course equivalencies. Transfer coursework does not meet residency requirements. 

How long does it take for transcripts from other institutions to be evaluated?
Typically, transfer students entering in the fall semester can expect that their transcripts will be evaluated prior to the beginning of the semester. If students' transfer courses have not been evaluated, it is best to tell tell them that your interpretation of their transcript is "unofficial" until an evaluator can officially evaluate the transcript.  If students have further questions regarding their transcripts, refer them to the Office of Advising Services , Joyal Administration Building, Room 224, 278-1787.

Where can one find information on courses from other colleges that transfer to Fresno State?
ASSIST is an online course-transfer information system. It displays reports of how course credits earned at one California Community College or university can be applied when transferred to a CSU or UC campus. ASSIST is the official repository of articulation for California's colleges and universities and therefore provides the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

California Articulation

What can students do if they receive their evaluation and still believe a course they have completed should count toward major or General Education requirements?

  • Students may try to petition a class for General Education credit through the Student Academic Petitions Committee . Refer the student to an academic counselor in the Office of Advising Services , Joyal Administration Building, Room 224, 278-1787, to discuss this option. 
  • If students want to petition a class to count for major requirements, refer them to the major department . Each department has its own policy for approving coursework from other universities to count toward major requirements.