How do Advanced Placement (AP) test scores count?

Students can receive up to 6 units for each AP test on which they earned a score of 3, 4, or 5. These units apply to General Education and/or lower division (LD) elective units. Please go the Test Credit page on the Admissions, Records and Evaluations website to see how AP test credit may satisfy university academic requirements.

How do students get AP credit onto their Fresno State record?
Students should contact the College Board at and ask them to send an official copy of their AP scores to the Evaluations Office. For any additional information, refer students to the Evaluations Office, Joyal Administration Building, Room 115.

How do lower division (LD) elective units earned through AP tests help a student?
Lower division elective units earned from AP tests will be applied to the 120-unit minimum required for graduation. Each major differs in the number of electives units that are required to reach the 120-124 unit minimum.