Bulldog Connect for Students

Student's Role

Through Bulldog Connect, students can access their class schedule, calendar, and coordinate appointments with their advisors. Students are able to create an appointment with their advisor (if permitted by the department), and correspond with their professor. 


Go to bulldogconnect.campus.eab.com and use your Fresno State login/password 

Request for Advising Appointment

Step 1: Log into Bulldog Connect

  • Log into my.fresnostate.edu
    • From My Menu, click on Bulldog Connect 
    • Click on Make an Appointment

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Step 2: Reason

  • 1st box: Select Reason, for example: Academic Coaching (Study Strategies)
  • 2nd box: Select Location & Advisors, for example: SupportNet (Academic Coaching)

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Step 3: Location and Advisor

  • 1st box: Learning Center
  • 2nd box: Optional – You may choose a specific advisor. If you leave this box blank, you will be scheduled with any advisor in that office.

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Step 4: Time Select

  • Find the best date that works for you and choose the best time.

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Step 5: Review and Confirm Appointment

  • View Appointment Details, enter a comment about what you want to discuss, set a reminder, and then click Confirm Appointment.

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