Known Issues & Work Arounds

If you have any difficulties with Bulldog Connect please check the list below to see if your issues can be resolved here.

 Area  Issue  Work Around Resolutions
Course Name The incorrect course name is showing the instructor roster and on the students class info tab  Ignore the course title until the bug is fixed.  This is a known bug. A fix is being worked on. 
Staff and Student Role I am a staff member and a student. I have been receiving text messages about my upcoming appointments with students.  You will need to unsubscribe or block your message from EAB on your cell phone.   
Staff Photo I have a photo showing on my Bulldog Connect from when I was a student. Can I get it removed?   Email for the photo to be removed. 


 Please refer to the questions below for resolving minor issues.

Why is my (or another advisor) location and/or availability not showing in my campaign?

Double-check the advising reason in the campaign. This reason needs to be listed in each advisor's availability. The advisor(s) will also have to be available for campaigns. 

I was logged into My Fresno State and clicked on Bulldog Connect, normally this would bring directly in Bulldog Connect. Instead, a blue screen asking for my user name and password came up. I am now receiving an error message about incorrect credentials even though I know it is correct. 

Technology Services has a few recommendations.

  • If you are on an iPad, update your Apple device including the browser and all applications. Google Chrome seems to be working the best with the iPad.
  • Try another device and see if the issue continues. If it does not work, please let Monica Solis. 
  • Contact your IT Liaison, you might have to do a hard refresh for your device.  Please check with your liaison before you do this.