Coordinated Referrals

Referring student(s) to additional support and services

We know that as educators our emphasis on student care and support are some of the key components to ensure their academic success. Fresno State has made an investment in Bulldog Connect so we can continue to provide enhanced ways to collectively assist and support students. I would like to remind you of an amazing resource offered on Bulldog Connect: Coordinated Referrals. In keeping with our mission to boldly educate and empower students for success let us together help students in referring students to additional support and services. 

Coordinated Referrals can easily refer a student to support offices such as:



CalFresh is a nutrition assistance program that helps low-income individuals and families buy the food they need. CalFresh dollars help stretch a tight food budget and help many people afford to incorporate healthy foods like fruit and vegetable into their diets. 

Career Development

Career Development Center (CDC) can review resumes, do a mock interview, and discuss future opportunities. Check out online resources here to explore your interests and career pathways. The CDC's mission is to educate, prepare, and connect students for career and lifelong success. 

Clothing Closet 

The Professional Clothing Closet is available to all students. Students are allowed to take three professional clothing items for free. 

Cross-Cultural and Gender Center

CCGC exists to contribute significantly to the continued development of a safe and welcoming environment for the Fresno State community. CCGC fosters meaningful dialogue and activism that works to eliminate racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other forms of oppression. Their values are based on the feminist principles of equality, intersectionality, and human rights. The center is a community that works toward creating an atmosphere where students, faculty, staff, and administrators are empowered and supported in their efforts to lead successful lives -- academically, professionally, and personally. 

Financial Aid

 The Financial Aid and Scholarships office is happy to help students navigate the financial aspects of their college career. 

Money Management

MMC wants to improve the financial well-being of students by providing educations, financial counseling, tools, and solutions to achieve greater financial independence, which leads to students' success. 

Project HOPE

Project HOPE is here to help students reach their academic and personal goals by addressing their day to day needs. We offer an extensive Case Management program with individualized support to students. Consider a referral to our program to address the following but not limited to: housing needs, financial resources, meal vouchers, personal care items, stress management, counseling/student groups, life skills training, navigating community resources, etc. If the resource you need is not listed please reach out to Project HOPE. They can help! 

Student Involvement

The mission for Student Involvement is to cultivate community and foster engagement to promote co-curricular learning through support and teamwork, service, growth and learning, leadership, and inclusion. Consider a referral to Student Involvement if students want to develop leadership skills, make friends, and enhance their Fresno State experience by getting involved. 

Services for Students with Disabilities 

Who qualifies for Services for Students with Disabilities? 

Students of Fresno State who are enrolled and have a documented disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are eligible for services through the SSD office. An individual with a disability shall refer to:

  1. Any person who has a physical or mental impairment that limits one or more of the major life activities of such individual 
  2. Any person who has a record of such impairment 
  3. Any person who is regarded as having such an impairment


Academic Coaching for Success

SupportNet is an academic coaching program developed in 2004 aimed to help students build college-level study habits such as:

  • Balancing and prioritizing semester tasks and commitments (time management)
  • Academic goal-setting (S.M.A.R.T. Goals) including structured support
  • Learning style discovery 
  • Study strategy enrichment
  • Exam preparation strategies 
  • Pinpoint referral to other campus departments, programs, and services that can provide additional support to student needs
  • and so much more!!

Students work one-on-one with an Academic Coach who provides individualized support for each student addressing their unique needs.  After each session, students will walk away with additional tools and resources to help them succeed in their courses.

Student Cupboard

The Food Security Program aims to provide current Fresno State students with food and other basic needs in an effort to empower our students to succeed academically. The Student Cupboard is a free food and hygiene pantry for currently enrolled Fresno State students.

Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction

The Learning Center will continue to offer all services virtually for the fall semester. As such, Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI), will utilize Zoom as a primary platform for engagement and connection. Please select the tabs placed on the left hand-side of this page to gather updates from each program. If you have any questions, please call us, email us or visit our virtual front desk


Writing Center

Understanding the assignment: What are you being asked to do?

Getting started: The writing center will help with brainstorming with the student, generate lots of possibilities, and start writing.

Make changes: Writing tutors are trained to ask questions and look at the structure in ways that will help you see what you've got so you can make choices about what to add, cut, or move around.

Grammar: Tutors will help with grammar, punctuation, and formatting. Do not expect them to go through your paper with a red pen. Tutors are looking for patterns. You may have 20 mistakes and 15 of them are the same mistake over and over. We'll show you that, explain the rule, do some practice, and you'll be better prepared to self-correct that error in the future.

You are able to issue a referral to one of these offices and they will reach out to the student. Click here to learn about how to issue a referral using Bulldog Connect. 

Additionally, you are able to request an appointment with an academic advisor in an advising center on behalf of the student. This referral will be sent to the department’s front desk and they will follow up with the student. Click here to learn about how to request an appointment on behalf of the student.

Thank you for using Coordinated Referrals to help us reach our goals at Fresno State: "to provide a quality educational experience for our students while protecting the health and well-being of our campus community."   

If you have any questions about Bulldog Connect email