Women's Resources

Women's Resource Center at Fresno State

The Women's Resource Center provides services to enhance the learning and working experience of women in the university community.

The center provides a supportive environment for interaction and self-discovery through a wide-range of campus activities.

The Women's Resource Center houses information related to women's issues. In the foyer and in the "center room," literature display racks provide information on health care topics, childcare services in the community or on campus, help in going to college, and upcoming events and activities.

You are welcome to browse through and read the many books in our center room library. Packets with information on topics such as sexual assault, domestic violence and reproductive issues are also available.

Contact the Women's Resource Center

Women's Resource Center
California State University
5240 N. Jackson M/S UC35
Fresno, CA 93740-8023

Phone: (559) 278-4435
Fax: (559) 278-7358

Women's Resource Center Website

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