Current Courses

The Women's Studies Program offers lower and upper division General Education courses and classes designed for the major/ minor in Women's Studies. For a description of the courses, please refer to the Women’s Studies Program in the 2013-2014 General Catalog

Fall 2014

  • WS 10 Introduction to Women's Studies (G.E. Breadth D3)
  • WS 12 Critical Thinking: Gender Issues (G.E. Foundation A3)
  • WS 18 Women and Aging
  • WS 107 Women in U.S. Politics
  • WS 110 Representations of Women (G.E. Multicultural/International M/I)
  • WS 132 Women and Work
  • WS 135Women in Cross-cultural Perspective (G.E. Multicultural/International M/I)
  • WS 143 Feminist Theory
  • WS 150T Gender, Law and Public Policy
  • WS 150T Latina Health
  • WS 153 Feminist Research Methods
  • WS 162 Community Service
  • SS 180-Diversity in the United States (G.E. Multicultural/International M/I)