Women's Studies Major & Double Major

The Women's Studies Program at Fresno State offers a uniquely enriching interdisciplinary major.  The major requires 36 units in total: 

  • 12 units are in core classes: WS 103, WS 143, WS 153, and WS 175
  • 15 units are selected from a variety of electives approved for WS Major/ Double Major (A list can be obtained from the Program)
  • 9 units must be selected from the following Elective Clusters (Select ONE course from each Cluster)
Cluster 1, Gender and Diversity
  • WS 120, WS 125, WS 134, WS 136T, WS 150T (with adviser approval), WS 151T, ASAM 138, CLS 162, WS/AFAM 137
Cluster 2, Women and the Arts and Humanities
  • WS 110, WS 136T (with adviser approval), 148, 150T (with adviser approval), 151T (with aviser approval), WS 165, WS/ENGL 168T, WS/ENGL 194T, WS/HIST 102T, LING 130, PHIL 110
Cluster 3, Women and the Social, Natural and Applied Sciences
  • WS 105, WS 114, WS 134, WS 135, WS 136T (with adviser approval), WS 150T (with adviser approval), WS 151T (with adviser approval), WS 160, WS/CRIM 126, WS 127/HS 126, WS/HS 130, WS/SOC 132, MGT 189T, SWRK 271T

Many students choose Women's Studies as a second major to complement their first, or primary, major. Double majors say their first major defines the field in which they work while Women's Studies gives them a special focus within that field. Women's Studies requirements are designed to make a dual major possible.

For additional information about the Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements, Women's Studies Major, please review the official 2009-2010 General Catalog for CSU, Fresno.

For full details on the major, including a double major, please make an appointment with a Women's Studies Program advisor by contacting the Women's Studies Office by phone at 559-278-2858.  Program advisors include the following full-time Faculty members, Dr. Loretta Kensinger (program co-ordinator), Dr. Roksana Badruddoja, Dr. Kathryn Forbes, and Dr.  Janet Slagter.


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