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Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Degree 

The Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department offers a baccalaureate of arts and minor in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. The major is an interdisciplinary study of women from the perspectives of the social sciences, humanities, and sciences. The curriculum examines the importance of gender, race, class and sexuality in human life. Courses emphasize the development of students’ analytic and problem-solving skills while also encouraging them to use their creative talents to chart new paths that lead to positive social change for women and gender non-conforming folks.

All Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies majors/double majors/minors must complete 4 core courses (12 units). 

This includes: 

WGSS 143 - Feminist Theory (offered in the Fall) 

WGSS 103 History of Feminism (offered in the Spring) 

WGSS 153 Feminist Research Methods (offered in the Fall) 

WGSS 175s - Senior Seminar: Feminsit Activism (offered in the Spring) 

Cluster 1, Gender and Diversity
  • WGSS 120, WGSS 125, WGSS 134, WGSS 136T, WGSS 150T (with adviser approval), WGSS 151T, WGSS/ASAM 138, WGSS 139/CLAS 162, WGSS/AFRS 137
Cluster 2, Women and the Arts and Humanities
  • WGSS 110, WGSS 136T (with adviser approval), 148, 150T (with adviser approval), 151T (with adviser approval), WGSS 165, WGSS/ENGL 168T, WGSS/ENGL 194T, WGSS/HIST 102T, LING 130, PHIL 110
Cluster 3, Women and the Social, Natural and Applied Sciences
  • WGSS 105, WGSS 114, WGSS 134, WGSS 135, WGSS 136T (with adviser approval), WGSS 150T (with adviser approval), WGSS 151T (with adviser approval), WGSS 160, WGSS/CRIM 126, WGSS 127/HS 126, WGSS/HS 130, WGSS/SOC 132, SWRK 271T

Many students choose Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies as a second major to complement their first, or primary, major. Double majors say their first major defines the field in which they work while Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies gives them a special focus within that field. Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies requirements are designed to make a dual major possible.

For additional information about the Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Major, please review the General Catalog.

For full details on the major, including a double major, please make an appointment with a Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department advisor by contacting the Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Office at 559-278-2858.