Degree Requirements

Over 800 students enroll in Women’s Studies courses each semester and many of them choose to major in Women’s Studies. The major is an interdisciplinary study of women from the perspectives of the social sciences, humanities, and sciences. The curriculum examines the importance of gender, race, class and sexuality in human life. Courses emphasize the development of students’ analytic and problem-solving skills while also encouraging them to use their creative talents to chart new paths that lead to positive social change for women and girls.

Major Requirements

To major in Women’s Studies, students must complete 36 units. There are four required courses (a total of 12 units):   Feminist Theory (WS 143), History of Feminism (WS103) , Feminist Research Methods (WS 153), and Senior Seminar (WS 175). In the Fall semester, offers WS 143 and WS 153 are offered; in the Spring semester, WS 103 and WS 175 are offered.

Electives complete the major. Students choose from an approved list of electives that cover a wide range of topics. Thus, the major allows students to follow their own interests to craft a course of study that suits their individual needs and goals. For a list of electives regularly offered please consult the General Catalog.

Double Major Requirements

Many students choose Women's Studies as a second major to complement their first, or primary, major. Double majors say their first major defines the field in which they work while Women's Studies gives them a special focus within that field. Degree requirements are designed to make a dual major possible and include the four required courses (WS 143, WS 103, WS 153, WS 175). Since in a dual major some courses may double count toward their degree, studies pursuing Women's Studies as a double major should speak to an adviser in the Women's Studies program as soon as possible.

Minor Requirements

Other students choose to minor in Women's Studies. like the Women's Studies major and double major, the minor requires the four required courses (WS 143, WS 103, WS 153, WS 175) and an additional 8 units of approved women's studies electives (see General Catalog).