General Education (GE) Courses in Women's Studies

Women's Studies also offer a variety of courses to fulfill General Education requirements. For a full description of the courses listed below please see General Catalog

  • WS 10-Introduction to Women's Studies (G.E. Breadth D3)
  • WS 12- Critical Thinking: Gender Issues (G.E. Foundation A3)
  • WS 18 Women and Aging (G.E. Area E)
  • WS 101 (G.E. Area ID)
  • WS 110-Representations of Women (G.E. Multicultural/International M/I)
  • WS 120-Women of Color (G.E. Multicultural/Internation M/I)
  • WS 135-Women in Cross-cultural Perspective (G.E. Multicultural/International M/I)
  • WS 149- Gender, Law, and Social Policy (G.E. Integration D)
  • SS 180-Diversity in the United States (G.E. Multicultural/International M/I)