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Role Modeling Responsibility

Dr. Randles has published another excellent article on "responsible fatherhood" programs in the US showing how discourses of what she calls "paternal essentiality" both individualize the problem of fatherlessness among low-income men of color as well as promoting masculininist and heteronormative understandings of fathers unique capacities as men.

Food and Hunger

Dr. Myers has published a book chapter on the state of food and hunger in the U.S., which investigates how the structural conditions of the economy and the food system produce hunger as a normal outcome of how society distributes income and therefore access to food.

Fresno's Mason-Dixon Line

Dr. Jendian and Dr. Crowell are interviewed in this fascinating article addressing the history and ongoing legacy of racial segregation and redlining in Fresno, focusing specifically on the policies and practices that created the West Fresno of today. 


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