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Faculty & Staff

The Department consists of nine full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty, a handful of part time faculty, and one administrative staff member.  Our faculty are experts in their research areas as well as excellent teachers while our staff provides the support for faculty and student excellence.

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Department mailing address:

Department of Sociology
California State University, Fresno
5340 N. Campus Drive, M/S SS97 
Fresno, CA 93740-8019

Department contact information:

Office: Social Science 211

Phone: 559.278.2234

Fax: 559.278.6468



Reyna Alvarado, Administrative Support Coordinator I

 Reyna Alvarado
Office Location: Social Science 211
Office Phone: 559.278.2234
Email: realvarado@mail.fresnostate.edu

Full-Time (Tenure & Tenure-Track) Faculty

Amber Crowell, Assistant Professor

Amber Crowell, Assistant Professor 

Office Location: Social Science 218
Office Phone: 559-278-2275
Email: acrowell@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
SOC 151 Sec 02 2:00-3:40pm T Th S2 110

Office Hours: T & TH 4pm-5pm & by appointment

Personal Biography & Areas of Specialty 

Dr. Crowell studies residential segregation, racial and ethnic inequality, social demography, and quantitative methodology. She earned her PhD in Sociology from Texas A&M University.

Recent Publications

Fossett, Mark and Amber R. Crowell. Forthcoming. "Urban and Spatial Demography," in Handbook of Population (2nd edition), edited by Dudley L. Poston. New York: Faller.

Crowell, Amber R. and Mark Fossett. 2018. "White and Latino Locational Attainments: Assessing the Role of Race and Resources in U.S. Metropolitan Residential Segregation." Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 4(4):491-507.

Recent News Coverage

"Fresno’s Mason-Dixon Line" More than 50 years after redlining was outlawed, the legacy of discrimination can still be seen in California’s poorest large city." August 20, 2018 in The Atlantic.

"Spanish Speakers Experience Discrimination At Valley Food Pantries." May 29, 2018 in Valley Public Radio.

"On #TakeAKnee: Can we talk about the why?" October 16, 2017 in The Fresno Bee.

Tim Cupery, Assistant Professor

Tim Cupery, Assistant Professor 

Office Location: Social Science 219
Office Phone: 559-278-2005
Email: tcupery@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
 SOC 125 Sec 02  8:00-9:50am  M W   SS 202
 SOC 175 Sec 02  9:00-10:50am  T Th  SS 202
 SOC 175 Sec 04  5:00-6:50pm  M W  SS 202

Office Hours: M 10:00am-12:00pm, T 11:00am-12:30pm

Personal Biography

Dr. Timothy Cupery received his Ph.D. in Sociology in 2013 from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Dr. Cupery worked as a data scientist before coming to Fresno State, and teaches statistics and quantitative research methods, along with topical courses on religion and sports.

Areas of Specialty

At UNC-Chapel Hill, Dr. Cupery studied cross-national patterns in government policies toward religion. In addition to religion-state relations, he also studies group identity and political conflict, religion and health, and socio-genetics.

Papers in Progress:

  • "Measuring Dimensions of Government Involvement in Religion: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Approach"
  • "Born This Way? A Socio-Genetic Analysis of Risk-Taking and Religiosity in Life-Course Transitions"
  • "State-Level Predictors of Government Policy Toward Religion: A Cross-National Analysis"

Debbie Helsel, Associate Professor

Debbie Helsel, Associate Professor

Office Location: Social Science 223 
Office Phone: 559-278-5144 
Email: deborahh@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
SOC 1 Sec 10 11:00-11:50am M W F SS203
SOC 147 Sec 02 9:30-10:45am T TH SS203
SOC 147 Sec 04 1:00-1:50pm M W F SS203
SOC 152 Sec 02 9:00-10:50am M W SS203

Office Hours: M & W 12:00-1:00pm, T & TH 11:00am-12:00pm, F (online) 9:00-10:00am or by appointment

Personal Biography, Research Interests and Areas of Specialty

Dr. Helsel is a medical sociologist who has researched and written on Hmong healthcare, shamans as care providers, and Hmong end-of-life care issues. She also has an RN. Aside from Medical Sociology, Dr. Helsel teaches classical theory, inequality, and the Sociology of Death and Dying. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco.

Recent Publications

Helsel, Deborah. 2019. Paper Spirits and Flower Sacrifices: Hmong Shamans in the 21st Century. Journal of Transcultural Nursing 30(2): 132-136.

Matt Jendian, Professor

Office Location: Social Sciences 225
Office Phone: 559-278-2891 
Email: matthewj@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
SOC 111 Sec 04 11:00-12:15pm T Th IT 288
SOC 111 Sec 08 6:30-9:20pm W FSVC FRE
SOC 114 Sec 02  4:00-6:50pm TH FFS 211

Office Hours: T & TH 1:30-3:00pm and by appointment W & F

Personal Biography

Matthew Ari Jendian was born and raised in Fresno and received his B.A. in sociology and minor degrees in psychology and Armenian Studies from Fresno State (1991) and his Ph.D. from USC (2001). Dr. Jendian is founding director of the Humanics Program in Community Benefit Administration at Fresno State and serves as a tenured Full Professor and Chair of sociology.

Areas of Specialty

Dr. Jendian regularly teaches courses on the "Sociology of Race & Ethnicity," "Contemporary Social Issues," "Sociology of Terrorism & Genocide," and "Social Policy Analysis, Advocacy, and Community Organizing."  In August 2012, Dr. Jendian was promoted to Full Professor, and he continues to direct the Humanics Program and serve as faculty advisor for the Humanics AFP Collegiate Chapter. 

Dr. Jendian has authored several peer-reviewed journal articles as well as two books: Becoming American, Remaining Ethnic (LFB Scholarly Publishing, 2008) and #Think: Critical Thinking about Social Problems (Kendall Hunt, 2017).  

Dr. Jendian is the recipient of several honors, including the 2012 President’s Award of Excellence presented by the University Advisory Board at Fresno State in recognition of his integrity, leadership and commitment to the university and community, the 2008 “Provost’s Award for Faculty Service,” the 2016 “Together We Win Award” in recognition of his role in civic engagement, the 2014 “Trailblazer for Prosperity” Award from Southeast Fresno Community & Economic Development Association, the 2007 Social Action Award from Temple Beth Israel, and the 2007 “Amigo Award” presented by Vida en El Valle to “a non-Latino individual or organization that has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Latino community.”  He was honored in Menk, an encyclopedia of biographies of prominent Armenian scholars.  He was nominated for the 2009 California Campus Compact Cone Award for Excellence & Leadership in Cultivating Community Partnerships, was selected as part of the first cohort of the Irvine Foundation’s New Leadership Network, and has written and received national and federal grants to develop curricula that engage university students in capacity-building work with Community Benefit Organizations (CBOs) in Central California. 

Dr. Jendian has served as a board member for several CBOs, including Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics, Inc.), Buchanan Babe Ruth Baseball Association, Inc., Fresno Nonprofit Advancement Council, Fresno Housing Alliance, Regenerate California Innovation (formerly Relational Culture Institute), and Fresno Metro Ministry and as an external evaluator with local and multinational CBOs, including Porterville College and Armenian General Benevolent Union. 

Andrew R. Jones, Professor

Andrew R. Jones, Professor
Office Location: Social Science 221
Office Phone: 559-278-8806
Email: anjones@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
 SOC 153 Sec 02  7:00-8:50pm  T Th  SS 203
 SOC 176 Sec 02  11:00-12:50pm  T TH  SS 203
 SOC 176 Sec 06  5:10-6:50 pm  T Th  SS 203

Office Hours: T & TH 9:30-10:30am, 1:30-3:00pm

Personal Biography

Dr. Jones completed his doctorate in sociology in July of 2006 at the University of Oregon (Dissertation title: “How the Media Frame Global Warming: A Harbinger of Human Extinction or Endless Summer Fun?”) and joined the faculty at Fresno State in the fall of 2007. He attained an M.S. in sociology from the University of Oregon in 2003, an M.S. in social science from Pittsburg State University in 1998, and a B.A. in philosophy from the University of Kansas in 1994. In addition to his academic development, Dr. Jones has worked as a newspaper editor and as a branch manager for a multi-national corporation.

Dr. Jones resides in Fresno with his wife, Melissa, their four cats: Millie, Siona, Ra, & Riffraff, and four dogs: Coco, Gigi, Lulu, & Mimi. His hobbies and interests include tennis, hiking, bicycling, photography, watching movies & playing video games, cooking, sculpting, and painting.

Areas of Specialty

His teaching and research interests include social theory, cultural sociology, mass media, environmental sociology, political economy, and political sociology. Substantively, he specializes in media framing of environmental issues and their impact on social perceptions. Prior to joining Fresno State, Dr. Jones taught courses at the University of Oregon and Pittsburg State University in sociology of mass media, Marxist social theory, crime & deviance, introductory sociology, American government, and introduction to philosophy.

Dr. Jones is currently working on multi-disciplinary research through a grant from the National Science Foundation, examining human water use behaviors and their impacts on biodiversity in an urban environment. The Urban Long Term Research Area - Fresno And Clovis Ecosocial Study (ULTRA-FACES) team has collected bird, tree, and social data for the Fresno and Clovis Metropolitan Area and is examining the interactions between water policy, residential water use, and urban biodiversity. His recent publications include:

Jones, Andrew R. “Using news media content analysis as a teaching tool in sociology of popular culture.” National Social Science Journal, Vol. 50, No. 2., pp. 19-24.

Madhusudan Katti, Andrew R. Jones, Derya Özgoç Çağlar, Henry D. Delcore, and Kaberi Kar Gupta. 2017. “The Influence of Structural Conditions and Cultural Inertia on Water Usage and Landscape Decision-Making in a California Metropolitan Area.” Sustainability, 9(9).

Madhusudan Katti, Andrew R. Jones, Mara Brady, and Beth Weinman. 2016. “From Tropical Plantations to K-cups: A socio-environmental analysis of the global journey of coffee.” National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), 2015-10.

Jones, Andrew R.  2014. “Framing global warming: An international comparison of the influence of climate contrarians on news media coverage.” National Social Science Journal, Vol. 41, No.2, pp. 49-65.

Jones, Andrew R. 2009. “The Next Mass Extinction: Human Evolution or Human Eradication.” Journal of Cosmology, Vol. 2, November, pp. 316- 333.

Jones, Andrew R. 2009. Fads, Fetishes & Fun: A Sociological Analysis of Pop Culture. Cognella Press: San Diego, CA.

Timothy Kubal, Associate Professor

 Timothy Kubal, Associate Professor
Office Location: Social Science 224 
Office Phone: 559-278-5145 
Email: tkubal@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
SOC 3 Sec 05





 SS 202


SOC 3 Sec 06





 SS 202


SOC 131 Sec 04  DGT CAMP  ARR  
SOC 131 Sec 08  DGT CAMP  ARR  

Office Hours:  T & TH 12:15-2:00pm

Personal Biography

Ph.D. in Sociology, 2001. Southern Illinois University. I taught at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln for two years before coming to Fresno State in 2002.

My hobbies include bicycling, downhill skiing, and cooking.

Areas of Specialty

Journal editor (social movements section), Sociology Compass (2016-2017)

President, California Sociological Association (2016-2017)

Chair, Social Science Research and Instructional Council (2017)

I currently teach courses such as social movements, social change, gender, race, and critical thinking about society. I have published on the topic of "diversity and learning outcomes," and I am analyzing variations in learning outcomes in traditional and online classes. I am also developing content for the textbook market.

My main research area is social movements.  My 2008 book, Cultural Movements and Collective Memory: Christopher Columbus and the Rewriting of the National Origin Myth examines the patriotic, religious, ethnic, and anti-colonial movements that have successfully mobilized to shape public commemoration of Columbus Day.

I have published research on cultural processes within environmental movements.

I am participating with colleagues and students in research projects on self efficacy, sexual abstinence movements, and homelessness.

I have developed community statistics sites as well as a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software package, among other small pieces of software.  I have been training students to use the CATI software to collect interviews from residents in the Central Valley to understand public attitudes about social issues such as police misconduct, homelessness, and environmental problems.

Justin Sean Myers, Assistant Professor

Justin Sean Myers, Assistant Professor 
Office Location: Social Science 102C
Office Phone: 559-278-7346
Email: justinmyers@csufresno.edu
Personal website: justinseanmyers.com

Class Schedule Fall 2019: 

Class Time Days Location
SOC 150T Sec 01 2:00-3:15pm M W SA 153
SOC 151 Sec 04 7:00-8:50pm M W SS 203
SOC 176 Sec 04 12:00-1:50pm M W SA 153

Office Hours: M 3:30-5:00pm and W 5:15-6:45pm

Personal Biography

A born and raised Californian, Dr. Myers graduated from Santa Rosa Junior College (AA), Sonoma State (BA), and San Diego State (MA).  He received his PhD from The City University of New York (CUNY) in 2013 and taught for five years at Marist College before starting at Fresno State in the Fall of 2018.

Areas of Specialty 

Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Food & Agriculture, Environmental Justice & Food Justice, Social Inequality, Social Movements, Work & Labor, Urban Sociology, Critical Theory.

Research Focus

His work investigates the relationship between oppression and resistance through exploring how social movements are utilizing food as a means to address social, economic, and environmental injustice.  

His primary research project is focused on East New York Farms (ENYF!), a longstanding food justice organization in the Black, Caribbean, and Latinx community of East New York, Brooklyn, and analyzes their efforts to build a community food system premised on farmers markets, urban farms, and market-oriented community gardens to address a legacy of political and economic marginalization. 

Recent Publications

Myers, Justin Sean.  2018. “Food and Hunger.” In Twenty Lessons in Food and Agriculture, edited by Jason Konefal and Maki Hatanaka. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Myers, Justin Sean. 2018. “The CUNY Open Admissions Strike, 1969.” Pp. 191-199 in Revolting New York, edited by Neil Smith and Don Mitchell. Athens GA: University of Georgia Press .

Myers, Justin Sean. 2018. “Neoliberalism, Debt, and Class Power.” Pp. 337-352 in Class: The Anthology, edited by Michael Roberts and Stanley Aronowitz. New York, NY: Wiley-Blackwell.

Sbicca, Joshua and Justin Sean Myers. 2017. “Food Justice Racial Projects: Fighting Racial Neoliberalism from the Bay to the Big Apple.” Environmental Sociology 3(1): 30-41.

Myers, Justin Sean. 2017.  “Food for Thought” chapter inset boxes. In Ten Lessons in Introductory Sociology, second edition, edited by Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Jennifer Randles, Associate Professor & Chair

Office Location: Social Science 211
Office Phone: 559.278.5146
Email: jrandles@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019: 

Class Time Days Location
SOC 190 GC ARR  

Office Hours: T 1:00-2:30pm, W 10:00-11:30am, and by appointment

Personal Biography

Dr. Randles graduated from Austin College (BA in sociology and political science, 2003) and earned masters (2005) and doctoral degrees (2011) in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Areas of Specialty

Family; Gender; Social Inequality; Poverty; Social Policy; Parenting; Childhood; Race/Ethnicity; Interpersonal Relationships; Qualitative Research Methodologies.

Selected Recent Publications

“The Means to and Meaning of ‘Being There’ in Responsible Fatherhood Programming.” Family Relations, in press.

“Role Modeling Responsibility: The Essential Father Discourse in Responsible Fatherhood Programming and Policy.” Social Problems, in press.

“Pregnant Embodiment and Field Research.” Oxford Body and Embodiment Handbook, edited by Natalie Boero and Katherine Mason, New York: Oxford University Press, 2019.

“‘Manning Up’ to be a Good Father: Hybrid Fatherhood, Masculinity, and U.S. Responsible Fatherhood Policy.” Gender & Society 32(4): 516-539, 2018.

“Gender, Families, and Social Policy.” Pp. 405-416 in Handbook of the Sociology of Gender, edited by Barbara J. Risman, Carissa M. Froyum, and William J. Scarborough. New York: Faller, 2018.

Proposing Prosperity: Marriage Education Policy and Inequality in America. New York: Columbia University Press, 2017.

“Making Men into ‘Responsible’ Fathers?” Contexts 17(2): 34-39, 2018.

“Learning to Labor, Love, and Live: Shaping the ‘Good Neoliberal Citizen’ in State Work and Marriage Programs.” Sociological Perspectives 61(1): 39-56, 2018 (with Kerry Woodward).

“Saving Marriage Culture ‘One Marriage at a Time’: Relationship Education and the Reinstitutionalization of Marriage in an Era of Individualism.” Qualitative Sociology 41: 21-40, 2018 (with Orit Avishai).

“The Diaper Dilemma.” Contexts 16(4): 66-68, 2017.

“Redefining the Marital Power Struggle through Relationship Skills: How United States Marriage Education Programs Challenge and Reinforce Gender Inequality.” Gender & Society 30(2): 240-264, 2016.

Recent News Coverage 

“Diapers, Depression, and Gender Matter for Social Policy.” Psychology Today (with Barbara J. Risman).

“The Diaper Dilemma.” Scholars Strategy Network Podcast

“Idea: Diaper Bank for Student Parents Wins Challenge” Fresno State COSS.

Christopher Sullivan, Assistant Professor

Office Location: Social Science 226
Office phone: 559-278-7731
Email: chsullivan@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
 SOC 125 Sec 05  2:00-3:50pm  T Th  SS 202
 SOC 125 Sec 07  5:00-6:50pm  T Th  SS 202

Office Hours: T & TH 10:00-11:30am and by appointment

Personal Biography

Dr. Sullivan received his B.A. in Asian Studies and Sociology from Cornell University, and completed his graduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, where he received an M.A. degree in Sociology, an M.A. in Demography, and a Ph.D. in Sociology and Demography. 

Areas of Specialty

Dr. Sullivan specializes in understanding how processes of globalization influence social institutions – from large-scale financial institutions like the World Bank, to more local institutions centered around public health here in the Central Valley.  Dr. Sullivan lived and conducted research in mainland China for nearly 5 years. He has published research on Uyghur Muslim restaurants in the United States, and on the rise of accountability mechanisms that handle human rights grievances brought against international financial institutions. His research has been funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and the Health Resources & Services Administration. Dr. Sullivan teaches courses on globalization, public sociology, quantitative research methods, statistics, and visually based research methods. 


Sullivan, Christopher. 2020. “Redefining and Challenging the Boundaries of Chinese Cuisine: A Visually Based Exploration of Uyghur Restaurants in the United States.” in American Chinese Restaurants: Society, Culture and Consumption, edited by Jenny Banh and Haiming Liu. Oxon and New York: Routledge.

Altholz, Roxanna, and Chris Sullivan. 2017. The Accountability of International Financing Institutions: Community Perspectives on the World Bank’s Compliance/Advisor Ombudsman. Berkeley, CA: Human Rights Center, University of California, Berkeley.

Book Review: Sullivan, Christopher. 2008. “Under the Heel of the Dragon: Islam, Racism, and Crime, and the Uighur in China.” Contemporary Sociology. 37(4): 329-330.


Part-Time Faculty

Estela Acebedo-Gonzalez

Office Location: Social Science 129
Office phone: 559-278-2892
Email: eacebedogonzalez@mail.fresnostate.edu
Class Time Days Location
SOC 130W Sec 07 5:00-6:50pm M W SS 112
SOC 1 Sec 10 7:00-8:50pm M W  SS 112

Office Hours: M & W 4:30-5:00pm and by appointment

Amanda Conley

Office Location: Social Science 129
Office phone: 559-278-2892
Email: amconley@csufresno.edu

Class schedule Fall 2019: Not teaching

Eric Hickey

Office Location: Social Science 129
Office phone: 559-278-2892
Email: erich@csufresno.edu

Class schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
SOC 1 Sec 04 9:30-10:45am T Th SA 153
SOC 1 Sec 08 11:00-11:50am M W F SS 210
SOC 162 Sec 02 8:35-9:50am M W SS 210

Office Hours: 

Robin Huigen

Office Location: Social Science 129
Office phone: 559-278-2892
Email: robinh@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
 SOC 3 Sec 26 DGT CAMP ARR  
 SOC 3 Sec 28 DGT CAMP ARR   
 SOC 111 Sec 06 12:30-1:45pm T TH IT 288
SOC 143 Sec 02 7:30-8:45am T TH SS 203

Office Hours: T & TH 1:45-2:30pm

Gregory Kennedy

Office Location: Social Science 129
Office Phone: 559-278-2892
Email: gregoryk@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
SOC 3 Sec 07 12:00-12:50pm MWF SS 203
SOC 130WS Sec 01 5:00-6:40pm T TH NG 150
SOC 130WS Sec 03 1:00-2:50pm M W SS 112
SOC 130WS Sec 06 7:00-8:50pm T Th SS 209B

Office Hours: 

Vera Kennedy

Office: SS 129
Office phone: 559-278-2892
Email: vekennedy@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
 SOC 3 Sec 30  DGTCAMP  ARR  
 SOC 3 Sec 32  DGTCAMP  ARR  
 SOC 143 Sec 06  DGTCAMP  ARR  
SOC 143 Sec 08 DGTCAMP  ARR  

Virtual Office Hours:  M & W 6:00-8:00pm, T & TH 12:15-1:00pm and by appointment (DGTCAMP)

Personal Biography

Vera G. Kennedy is a Lecturer at California State University, Fresno and a tenured faculty at West Hills Community College Lemoore. Dr. Kennedy received her Bachelor’s Degree in sociology and Masters in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Administration from California State University, Fresno and her doctorate from Argosy University in Education with an emphasis in Teaching and Learning.

Areas of Specialty

Dr. Kennedy teaches courses in cultural diversity, deviance, drugs and society, mental health, social problems, and applied sociology. She received the 2010 National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence Award and was recognized by the West Hills College Lemoore Team TEACH program as an All-star in Teaching. Her most recent publication was on The Influence of Cultural Capital on Hispanic Student College Graduation Rates.

She has experience working with nonprofit and public agencies in organizational development, grant writing, program evaluation, and social research. Dr. Kennedy is certified by the National Grant Writers Association as a Senior Certified Grants Specialist and Certified Grants Reviewer. Before teaching full-time, she worked as the Juvenile Justice Services Coordinator for the Fresno Superior Court and assisted in the establishment and facilitation of the Juvenile Mental Health Court for Fresno County. Prior to the Court, Dr. Kennedy owned and operated a private consulting firm for six years. From 1999-2002, she was the Associate Director for the Central California Center for Health and Human Services at California State University, Fresno.

Dr. Kennedy served on the Board of Directors for Comprehensive Youth Services, a child abuse prevention agency for eight years. She was appointed by the Fresno County Board of Supervisors to serve on the Fresno County Foster Care Oversight Committee for six years. She most recently served as a member of the Fresno County Human Resources Advisory Board responsible for reviewing and recommending local grant funding administered by the County of Fresno.

Ed Nelson

Office Location: Social Science 129
Office Phone: 559-278-2892
Email: ednelson@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
SOC 3 Sec 12 2:00-3:15pm T TH S 176

Office Hours: T & TH 3:15-4:30pm after class in S176 and then in my office (SS129), and other times by appointment.

Personal Biography

Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, 1968. He taught at Rutgers for five years before coming to California State University, Fresno in 1973.

Areas of Specialty

Currently he teaches courses in research methods, quantitative methods, and critical thinking. He serves on the Academic Information Technology subcommittee and is the co-chair of the Consortium of Applied Social Science Research Centers. He is also the campus representative to the Social Science

Research and Instructional Council of the CSU and is the Executive Director of the California Sociological Association.

He has been the director of the Social Research Laboratory (SRL) since 1980. The Social Research Laboratory is part of the College of Social Sciences, California State University Fresno. The SRL provides research support to the university, governmental and non-profit agencies, as well as to other local and regional groups. Assistance is provided in a number of areas including sampling design, questionnaire construction, interviewer training, data collection, coding, data entry, statistical analysis, and computer applications. In the last few years, the SRL has focused on conducting telephone surveys for many different agencies and organizations. Recently the SRL initiated another avenue of research support under the direction of Dr. Xuanning Fu. This project examines state mandated exam test scores (such as CST, California Standard Test) and looks for patterns by student characteristics, so that targeted teaching and remedial actions can be taken. These services are provided to local K-12 schools to help school administrators make research-based decisions.

The SRL also provides evaluation services to agencies and organizations.  Currently the lab is the evaluator for Weed and Seed in Modesto and has worked with the Relational Culture Institute in Fresno to analyze data collected from community leaders and with AmeriCorps.

Janine Nkosi

Office: none.
Office phone: none.
Email: jnkosi@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location

Office Hours: By appointment only

Personal Biography

Dr. Janine Nkosi is a lecturer of sociology at California State University, Fresno and has served as a faculty advisor in the Kremen School of Education and Human Development supervising and supporting students with their master’s projects. In addition to her doctorate in Education (2013) from California State University, Fresno, Dr. Nkosi has earned an associate’s degree in Liberal Studies (2003) from Fresno City College; a bachelor’s degree in Sociology (2007); and three master’s degrees: Counseling (emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, 2010, Fresno State), Sociology (2017, San Jose State), and Mexican American Studies (2017, San Jose State). In the community, Dr. Nkosi works as an education consultant where she conducts research, evaluates programs, and facilitates professional development and cultural diversity workshops. Janine is an advocate for equity and social justice through education.

Areas of Specialization

Dr. Nkosi's primary research focus is on the development of critical consciousness and praxis, one’s ability to think critically about social problems and develop a sense of agency to effect social change, through critical service-learning pedagogy. Dr. Nkosi and her student’s partner with community benefit organizations (CBOs) to integrate classroom learning with community change. Dr. Nkosi is an active member of the Center for Leadership, Equity and Research, and EL SOL Social Justice Leadership Academy.

Cinthia Quesada

   Office Location: Social Science 129
   Office phone: 559-278-2892
   Email: cinthiaquesada@mail.fresnostate.edu
Class schedule Fall 2019
Class Time Days Location
SOC 3 Sec 20 2:00-3:15pm  T TH SA 153
Office Hours:  T & TH 4:00-5:00pm (online) & by appointment

Shilpa Ranganathan

Office Location: Social Science 129
Office phone: 559-278-2892
Email:  sranganathan@csufresno.edu

Class schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
SOC 3 Sec 22 3:30-4:45pm  T TH SS 208
SOC 3 Sec 24 5:30-6:45pm  T TH IT 117

Office Hours:  T & TH 2:15-3:15pm

Shirisha Shankar

Office Location: Social Science 129 
Office Phone: 559-278-2892
Email: shankar@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
SOC 3 Sec 08 12:30-1:45pm T TH SA 153
SOC 142 Sec 04 11:00-12:15pm T TH SA 153
SOC 142 Sec 05 2:00-3:15pm M W SS 203
SOC 142 Sec 07 3:30-4:45pm M W SS 203
SOC 142 Sec 09 3:45-5:00pm T TH SS 203

Office Hours: T & TH 2:00-3:15pm in the Center for Faculty Excellence in the Henry Madden Library

Don Simmons

Office: Social Science 129
Office phone: 559-278-2892
Email: dsimmons@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
SOC 130W 2:00-3:50pm M W S2 110
SOC 184S 4:00-6:50pm T FFS 212B
SOC 186S 4:00-6:50pm W FFS 211

 Office Hours: T 2:30-4:30pm and by appointment

Sean Slusser

Office Location: Social Science 129
Department phone: 559-278-2892
Email: seslusser@mail.fresnostate.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Times Days Location
SOC 130W Sec 01 9:00-10:50am M W S2 110
SOC 130W Sec 03 11:00-12:50pm M W S2 110
SOC 130W Sec 06 4:00-5:50pm M W S2 110

Office Hours: W 2:00-3:00pm, T 11:00am-12:00pm, and by appointment

Linda Vang

Office Location: Social Science 129
Department phone: 559-278-2892
Email: lindavan@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
 SOC 3 Sec 34  DGT CAMP ARR  
 SOC 130W Sec 08  5:00-6:50pm T TH SA 153
 SOC 131 Sec 02  7:00-9:50pm  W SA 153
 SOC 168 Sec 02  7:00-9:50pm  TH SA 153

Office Hours: T 7:00-7:30pm, W 6:00-6:30pm, and by appointment


Sarah Whitley

Office: none.
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Email: swhitley@csufresno.edu

Class Schedule Fall 2019

Class Time Days Location
 SOC 148 Sec 02 DGT CAMP ARR  
 SOC 163 Sec 02  DGT CAMP ARR  
 SOC 163 Sec 04  DGT CAMP ARR  

Office Hours: T & TH 8:00-9:00am or by appointment (email to schedule)

Personal Biography

Dr. Whitley graduated with her doctoral degree in sociology from Washington State University in 2012. She taught for a year at Washington State University before joining the tenure-track faculty at California State University, Fresno in 2013. She co-founded the Fresno State Chapter of the Food Recovery Network with Dr. Janine Nkosi and together they were recognized by President Joseph I. Castro with the "Spirit of Service" Award in April 2015 for their efforts.  At the end of Fall 2016 semester, Dr. Whitley resigned her tenure-track position, but she continues to teach on-line courses as an adjunct faculty member for the Sociology Department at Fresno State.

Areas of Specialty

She specializes in the sociology of education, poverty, qualitative methodologies, rural/urban sociology, social inequality, and stratification. She teaches classes on the sociology of education, gender, introduction to sociology, research methods, rural/urban sociology, social inequality, social problems, and stratification. She emphasizes service learning components in her classes in order to give students real world experience with the course material covered. She has advised student research on education related issues and internships in various community organizations and programs. Her current research addresses food insecurity and hunger issues in rural and urban settings and how public policy addresses the increasing hunger epidemic. Her recent publication includes:

Whitley, Sarah. 2013. “Changing Times in Rural America: Food Assistance and Food Insecurity in Food Deserts.” Journal of Family Social Work 16(1):36-52.


Emeritus Faculty


Alfred J. Claassen (1969-2001), Ph.D., University of Colorado

Kris Clarke (2008-2018), Ph.D, University of Tampere, Finland

S. John Dackawich (1970-1994), Ph.D., University of Colorado

Robert D. Fischer (1972-2001), Ph.D., Michigan State University

Albert I. McLeod (1968-2001), Ph.D., University of Nebraska

Edward E. Nelson (1973-2008), Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Elizabeth Ness Nelson (1973-2000), Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Robert S. Palacio (1987-2013), Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

John N. Tinker (1969-2001), Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Chandler Washburne (1968-1983), Ph.D., Michigan State University