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Jennifer Randles, Associate Professor

Office Location: Social Sciences Building Room 225
Department Phone: 559.278.5146

Class Schedule Spring 2019

Office Hours: On Sabbatical

Personal Biography

Dr. Randles graduated with her doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley in 2011. She taught for two years at Austin College before joining the faculty of California State University, Fresno in 2013.

Areas of Specialty

Dr. Randles specializes in the sociology of family, marriage, gender, social inequality/poverty, childhood, and qualitative methodologies. She teaches classes on family/marriage, inequality, childhood, race/ethnicity, research methods, and critical thinking. Her research addresses how social and economic inequities affect family life in the United States and how public policies address these intimate inequalities. Her book, Proposing Prosperity?: Marriage Education Policy and Inequality in America (Columbia University Press, 2017), is an ethnographic study of the implementation of healthy marriage policy and reveals how government-funded marriage education programs teach that romantic experiences, relationship behaviors, and marital choices are primary mechanisms of inequality.

Other selected recent publications include:

Randles, Jennifer, and Kerry Woodward. 2018. “Learning to Labor, Love, and Live: Shaping the  ‘Good Neoliberal Citizen’ in State Work and Marriage Programs.” Sociological Perspectives 61(1): 39-56. (equal co-authorship)

Randles, Jennifer, and Orit Avishai. 2018. “Saving Marriage Culture ‘One Marriage at a Time’: Relationship Education and the Reinstitutionalization of Marriage in an Era of Individualism.” Qualitative Sociology 41: 21-40. 

Randles, Jennifer. 2017. “The Diaper Dilemma.” Contexts 16(4): 66-68.

Randles, Jennifer. 2016. “Redefining the Marital Power Struggle through Relationship Skills: How United States Marriage Education Programs Challenge and Reinforce Gender Inequality.” Gender & Society 30(2): 240-264. 

Avishai, Orit, Melanie Heath, and Jennifer Randles. 2015. “The Marriage Movement.” Pp. 308-320 in Families as They Really Are, Second Edition, edited by Barbara Risman and Virginia Rutter. New York: Norton. (equal co-authorship)

Randles, Jennifer. 2015. “Leaning In and Letting Go: Feminist Tools for Valuing Non-Work.” Pp. 40-50 in Letting Go: Feminist and Social Justice Insights and Activism, edited by Donna King and Kay Valentine. Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University Press.

Randles, Jennifer. 2014. “Partnering and Parenting in Poverty: A Qualitative Analysis of a Relationship Skills Program for Low-Income, Unmarried Families.” Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 33(2): 385-412.

Randles, Jennifer. 2013. “Repackaging the ‘Package Deal’: Promoting Marriage for Low-Income Families by Targeting Paternal Identity and Reframing Marital Masculinity.” Gender & Society 27(6): 864-888.  

Avishai, Orit, Lynne Gerber, and Jennifer Randles. 2013. “The Feminist Ethnographer’s Dilemma: Reconciling Progressive Research Agendas with Fieldwork Realities.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 42(4): 394-426. (Feature article in special symposium issue; equal co-authorship)

Avishai, Orit, Lynne Gerber, and Jennifer Randles. 2013. “Toward a Feminist Ethnography of Feminist Ethnography: A Response.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 42(4): 501-520. (equal co-authorship)