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Timothy Kubal, Associate Professor

Office Location: Social Sciences Building Room 224
Office Phone: 559-278-5145

Class Schedule Spring 2019

Class Time Days Location
SOC 3  11-11:50am  M  ED173
SOC 3  11-11:50am  W  ED173
SOC 131  8:50-9:50pm  M  SS203
SOC 176  7-8:40 pm  M W  SS202

Office Hours:  M W 12-1:30pm

Personal Biography

Ph.D. in Sociology, 2001. Southern Illinois University. I taught at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln for two years before coming to Fresno State in 2002.

My hobbies include bicycling, downhill skiing, and cooking.

Areas of Specialty

Journal editor (social movements section), Sociology Compass (2016-2017)

President, California Sociological Association (2016-2017)

Chair, Social Science Research and Instructional Council (2017)

I currently teach courses such as social movements, social change, gender, race, and critical thinking about society. I have published on the topic of "diversity and learning outcomes," and I am analyzing variations in learning outcomes in traditional and online classes. I am also developing content for the textbook market.

My main research area is social movements.  My 2008 book, Cultural Movements and Collective Memory: Christopher Columbus and the Rewriting of the National Origin Myth examines the patriotic, religious, ethnic, and anti-colonial movements that have successfully mobilized to shape public commemoration of Columbus Day.

I have published research on cultural processes within environmental movements.

I am participating with colleagues and students in research projects on self efficacy, sexual abstinence movements, and homelessness.

I have developed community statistics sites as well as a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software package, among other small pieces of software.  I have been training students to use the CATI software to collect interviews from residents in the Central Valley to understand public attitudes about social issues such as police misconduct, homelessness, and environmental problems.