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Support American Humanics at Fresno State

The American Humanics (AH) Program at California State University, Fresno is an interdisciplinary program that prepares and certifies students for professional careers in the nonprofit sector.  The courses and required practical experience help students understand the particular characteristics and challenges of nonprofit organizations and become able to assume leadership positions in the nonprofit sector.  

The American Humanics Student Association (AHSA) exists to provide students with co-curricular opportunities to enrich students' professional leadership potential.

The AH Program and AHSA at Fresno State constitute our collective investment in the building up of the nonprofit sector in the Valley. 

With the assistance of local community members like you, the AH Program and AHSA are better able to achieve their goals and contribute to our community.  You may financially contribute in the following ways (all are tax deductible):

1.  Direct contribution to the AH Program at Fresno State (funds will be used for program support, curriculum development and implementation, and staffing).

2.  Support the AH Program with your California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC) payroll deduction contribution (annual campaign happens every fall semester). 

3.  Contribute to the AH Student Philanthropy Project (each spring semester, students enrolled in "Philanthropy & Grant Making" investigate needs in the local community and identify two focus areas for funding.  The students then research nonprofit organizations meeting those needs, develop a request for proposals [RFP], invite organizations to apply for grants, score the proposals, and award the grants.  In spring 2007, a total of $4,000 was awarded to three local organizations).

(See for the full story.)      

4.  Contribute to the AH Student Association at Fresno State (100% funds will to go students to allow them to participate in the annual AH Management Institute, a three-day intensive national conference on the nonprofit sector, the "capstone" experience of the AH Program, and required for certification).  Suggested levels of support:  $100 (one student's lodging expenses), $250 (one student?s airfare), $325 (one student's conference registration fee).

Our American Humanics students are committed to working towards a healthier community.  Indeed, our AH Student Association has earned numerous national awards for Community Service, Civic Engagement, and Student Recruitment at past AH Management Institutes.  (See and

Help us help our community.  Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. 

Checks made payable to "AH Program at Fresno State" OR "AHSA at Fresno State" may be sent to:

AH Program, 5340 N. Campus Drive, SS97, Fresno, CA 93740-8019.

Your contribution is tax deductible, and we will provide you with a receipt and tax identification number. 

Please feel free to contact our AH Program Director, Dr. Matthew A. Jendian, for additional information (278-2891;

Thank you for your investment in the education of our community's future leaders!