Past Projects

During 2005-06, the SRL initiated another avenue of research support to the region under the direction of Dr. Xuanning Fu This project examined state mandated exam test scores (such as CST, California Standard Test) and looked for patterns by student characteristics, so that targeted teaching and remedial actions could be taken.  These services were provided to local K-12 schools to help school administrators make research-based decisions.

Since the inception of our telephone interviewing lab, the SRL has done surveys for a variety of agencies and organizations including Fresno State, other universities, the city of Fresno, research centers such as the University Business Center and the Center for Irrigation Technology, and nonprofit, community benefit organizations such as the Fresno County Economic Development Corporation and First 5 of Fresno County.  We have also completed surveys for faculty and attorneys (change of venue surveys). 

Since 2001, the SRL conducted quality of life surveys in Fresno, Kings, Tulare, and Madera Counties.  In the spring of each year, we interviewed approximately 200 households in each of these counties.  Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish.  Questions focused on the following areas:

  • Satisfaction with community and neighborhood
  • Public schools
  • Financial satisfaction
  • Crime
  • Performance of government and confidence in local leadership

If you would like to receive our report summarizing the findings from these quality of life surveys, please contact Ed Nelson, Founding Director of the SRL. 

While the SRL concentrated on telephone surveys during the last several years of its existence, we also conducted door-to-door surveys for various agencies and organizations including the city of Fresno, the Department of Health Services, and the Seismic Safety Commission of the State of California.

The SRL also served as the external evaluator for Weed and Seed in Modesto and worked with the Relational Culture Institute in Fresno to analyze data collected from community leaders.