Social Research Lab


The Social Research Laboratory (SRL) was part of the College of Social Sciences at California State University Fresno since 1980 and, with the formal retirement of its founding director, Dr. Ed Nelson, closed at the end of the spring 2013 semester. The SRL assisted students, faculty, governmental agencies, and other organizations in applying research skills and the computer in their research and classes. The SRL provided assistance in a number of areas including sampling design, questionnaire construction, interviewer training, data collection, coding, data entry, statistical analysis, and computer applications.

Services We Offered

We helped design instruments to study various topics of interest:

Measurement Expertise

Questionnaire Design

Multi-Lingual Surveys


We helped gather study data using:

Telephone Surveys

Mail Surveys

Email Surveys


We analyzed the data collected:

Data Entry

Data Management

Statistical Analysis

Written Reports of Results


The SRL Director was always willing to meet with prospective clients to discuss their research needs and to provide cost estimates.