About the Department

Our Sociology Department consists of seven full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty, several part time faculty, and administrative staff.  We offer a baccalaureate degree and a minor degree in sociology as well as certificates in applied sociological research and administration & leadership for community benefit organizations.


The vision of the Department of Sociology is to establish a departmental reputation for producing graduates who are prepared for life in a diverse society, possess an understanding of sociological research and a sociological imagination that emphasizes critical analyses of the relationships between individual actions and social structures, and are ready to participate as skilled professionals within the institutions and organizations that shape our region, our nation, and the world.


The mission of the Department of Sociology is to provide students with an understanding of the major theoretical perspectives in sociology, knowledge about and the ability to use sociological concepts in the analysis of social phenomena, opportunities to develop critical thinking as well as written and oral communication skills utilizing a sociological perspective, an understanding of socio-cultural diversity within and among societies, and qualitative and quantitative research skills including the appropriate use of computer technology.