Dear Students and Friends,

After 21 years of coordinating and fundraising for the Annual LatinoCommencement Celebration (LCC), I have decided to retire from this event and give the faculty and staff leadership an opportunity to take this amazing ceremony to the next level.

 Let me take this opportunity to share with you how very fortunate we are to have a President who leads from the heart. President Castro is committed to the LCC and he views this ceremony as a powerful platform to showcase our university’s commitment to diversity and to the recruitment and retention of students from historically underrepresented groups. President Castro has asked Provost Zelezny to create a committee of faculty and staff to coordinate the event beginning with academic year 2015-16. I am also delighted to report that Vice President Lamas and Vice President Astone-Adishian are also on board.

 The LCC has been self-support for 21 years and the commitment from the President and his Cabinet Members bring the ceremony closer to being institutionalized at Fresno State. Please join me in expressing our gratitude to our leaders.


Finally, in 1994-95 Fabiola Alvarez and Toni Amezcua joined me in forming a 3-member female team to organize LCC. We have worked together for 21 years and feel proud of our work. Fabby and Toni have asked that I inform you that they are also retiring as well. They both want to devote more time to their regular job duties and their families. The three of us will provide an instruction guide with deadlines and vendors to the Provost for her to share with the new LCC Committee.   

 Thank you,


Dean Luz Gonzalez




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