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2008 Summer Institute

Documents of the American Revolution:

Continuity and Change

June 23rd to June 26th, 2008

This four day institute provides an opportunity to focus on standards-based topics of interest to 7th through 12th grade teachers.  Our goal is to address explicitly both content and the strategies that can engage and motivate all students.  The institute includes scholar presentations and historical investigation/analysis most mornings, with a few literacy strategies being integrated into the presentation.  Afternoons will be devoted to a consideration of instructional strategies and the development of lessons.

The institute registration cost is $300.00 per participant.

To register please call Program Administrator Sharon Vock at (559) 278-6079 or Program Coordinator Dr. Melissa Jordine at (559) 278-5418.


Questions? Contact Dr. Melissa Jordine, Project Coordinator:

phone:  (559) 278-5418                       e-mail: mjordine@csufresno.edu

~ 2008 Summer Institute ~

Tentative Schedule

Documents of the American Revolution:

Continuity and Change

Date Program
Monday, July 23rd Literacy Strategies
Tuesday, July 24th Declaration of Independence
Wednesday, July 25th Articles of Confederation
Thursday, July 26th U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights